Many talk about possibilities. Amadeus builds new realities.

At Amadeus Hospitality, we have a legacy of reinventing how an industry works and what it should expect from technology. Now, working with hospitality companies, we are defining, building and delivering a technology foundation that will reshape the market and provide a community platform that delivers unique capabilities.

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A Quick Glance of Hospitality Services

Cloud Native Solutions

Our hospitality software solutions are built in the cloud and are “always on” with secure environments through years of expertise in high volume transactions. Upgrades are seamless and flexible technology allows properties to work the way they want

Component Based

We understand not everything can be replaced overnight! Our component-based philosophy works seamlessly together or with an existing solution as legacy systems are gradually replaced

Seamlessly Integrated

Flexible & Modular architecture allows us to respond to the changing needs of guests and be highly responsive to the marketplace of the future

Low Risk of Migration

Through over three decades of experience, our expert process for change management, data migrations and on-site deployments are backed by our award-winning customer support

Community Model

Based on the successful best practices, our hospitality software platform delivers high economies of scale, customization capability, functional richness and seamless integration with partners

Financial Effectiveness

Our financial strength allows us to be a true partner. Our commercial model scales with the success of our hotel partners business, which means that we are working together for revenue growth


Amadeus Hospitality Solutions