The Ultimate Guide to Hotel Housekeeping: Top Tips & Tricks


Reality Check: Recent Challenges have Brought Housekeeping to Center Stage and is Key to Success

Recent challenges have accelerated change in our industry by reminding us how critical the housekeeping department’s role is to a hotel’s overall success. The rise of awareness of cleanliness standards and increasingly high expectations from travelers reinforces this dynamic, with hotel cleanliness ranking a top priority when it comes to guest satisfaction.

Improving Staff-Facing Technology Ranks in the Top 5 Priorities

As guests now expect the highest standards of cleanliness to feel at ease in a hotel, operators worldwide need to work with their housekeeping teams to better prepare for the impacts of these new realities. By using this time to analyze housekeeping practices, hotel leaders have an opportunity to take advantage of their valuable Amadeus Service Optimization like HotSOS and HotSOS Housekeeping tools to more accurately plan for operational shifts that can influence bottom-line results.

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Leveraging Automation to Drive Productivity

The ability to intelligently automate the prioritization, communication, and dispatching of the entire housekeeping operation is more valuable than ever. Whether it’s wiping down frequently used areas like elevator buttons, delivering guest requests like soap or chargers, or managing dropped or vacant rooms, your HotSOS Service Optimization solutions like HotSOS Housekeeping can help to maximize operational capabilities while ensuring the highest standards are met.


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Implement a Structured Cleaning Program Using Best Practice Templates

To earn guest confidence, hotels have to demonstrate that they provide a clean and safe environment and are following specific disinfecting protocols. This means now is a good opportunity to establish new step-by-step standard operating procedures (SOPs) needed to enhance your property’s cleaning regimens. Create a distinct checklist for each area of the property, including the lobby, restrooms, common areas, fitness center, and guest rooms. Utilize Amadeus’ built-in best practice templates, such as the disinfecting housekeeping checklist endorsed by the International Executive Housekeeping Association (IEHA), to help to ensure nothing gets missed.



Rethink and Track Cleaning Schedules

The enforcement of new hygiene protocols, including the expansion of high touchpoints and frequency of cleaning, can increase the amount of time needed to spend in a room. The rise in these guestroom cleaning times can make forecasting labor and servicing pop-up requests more complex than ever. Lack of planning for this additional time can cause strain on staff, while last minute modifications to departure room schedules can impact room readiness. By tracking and analyzing the resources needed to execute the tasks these rooms now require, hotels can adjust to new cleaning schedules, while identifying valuable areas for improvement.


Understand Which Rooms are Not Being Serviced and Why with the New “Dropped Rooms” Feature

Streamlining productivity may mean having to leave rooms not serviced for the day. Although a part of daily housekeeping, one of the biggest challenges is measuring why a room was not serviced or “dropped”. Perhaps there is a need to alter opt-out programs. Perhaps there is a need for more staff. Having the ability to identify, record, and flag rooms with a special service status like “dropped rooms” allows teams to truly understand why rooms are not being serviced. With today’s lack of time and budget, gaining important insights into dropped rooms is pivotal to every housekeeping team’s success.

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Monitor How Many Hours Guest Rooms are Vacant

As we continue to understand the need for procedures such as keeping guest rooms unoccupied for an extended period before they are serviced for the next guest grows. With HotSOS Housekeeping, you now have the ability to track, report, and communicate the number of hours a room is vacant, which is a must in today’s business environment.

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Automate Your Hotel Housekeeping for Optimized Cleaning Processes and Productivity

As we move into a new era of hospitality, there will be no greater focus than a hotel’s commitment to its cleaning initiatives. From heightened cleaning protocols and sanitation seals to housekeeping on-demand and contactless engagement, growing changes in consumer demands are placing an increased pressure on operational teams around the globe. By prioritizing a staff-facing digital solution like HotSOS Housekeeping, your team can quickly respond to operational shifts like room assignments and turnover schedules, while ensuring tasks are being done not only correctly, but more efficiently, saving your hotel valuable time and money.

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