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Using Insight to Build a Data-Driven Recovery Strategy

Anna Ransom

Every region is experiencing unique recovery timelines moving through COVID-19. It’s important to know what is happening in your region, your market, and specifically with your comp set as you build a plan to re-engage with your guests.

Understanding the progression of net bookings is one key metric to know when recovery may be starting in your market. Use this insight along with industry best practices to help build your recovery plan.

It’s fair to expect that guests will have different expectations as we emerge from this crisis, making it necessary to rethink travel. Our team is here to support you by delivering the technology, insight, and innovation you need to reignite traveler confidence and help the industry rebound.

As you watch for emerging trends in your market, be sure you have a close view of when individuals are returning to travel. Below, insight from our Demand360® solution shows net bookings made each week for all forward-looking dates in China, Spain, France, United Kingdom, United States, and Mexico from the beginning of February through June. Contact your local representative to gain more insight into your specific market.

United States*



United Kingdom*



*Source: TravelClick Demand360® Data


For more insight on how to build a data-driven revenue strategy for your hotel, read our eBook, “Planning for Hospitality Recovery” or visit our crisis management library.

Planning for Hospitality Recovery

In partnership with global hospitality organizations HSMAI, IoH, and HOSPA, we developed a series of recovery eBooks to help hospitality professionals chart their course for recovery in the aftermath of COVID-19. Together, we conducted surveys and interviews with dozens of global industry experts and leveraged Amadeus’ internal expertise to compile specific, actionable ways to build and execute recovery plans across marketing, sales, revenue management, and operations.