Consistency vs. Surprise and Delight: The importance of prioritizing customer expectations

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Billions upon billions of people have been served by the quick service restaurant McDonalds, and it’s not because of delightful surprises.

Why do people repeatedly go back?

The Answer: Consistency. Customers love the french fries because they taste great and are exactly the same regardless of where or when they are purchased.

Translation: McDonalds has mastered consistency. Customers value it more than anything, even more than they’ll admit.

It’s comforting for people to be able to rely on their own expectations. This comfort results in loyalty and a willingness to pay even more for that comfort.

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“But…wait, we heard about this awesome thing called ‘Surprise and Delight’ and everyone should be doing it right?!”

The Answer: Sure, delighting guests should always be a core principle of hospitality, but it cannot be achieved effectively unless you are first operationally “consistent”.

Translation: You have to prioritize consistency. We’ve all heard the expression “walk before you run”, and it applies here. If you don’t prioritize consistency, you could end up failing at both.

We know that even the tiniest missed expectations will lead to problems in hotels. Problems lead to poor reviews. Poor reviews lead to hotel reputation issues and so forth and so on. This ultimately results in:

  • Lower guest return rates (less loyalty).
  • Inability to raise room rates (less money).

As hoteliers, you already know that there are many variables outside of your control that can cause guest service issues:

  • A noisy street.
  • Room parties at 2am on a Tuesday night.
  • [Everyone’s favorite] technology glitches!

The good news is…consistency is a variable that you can control.

As hoteliers, you know that you can’t afford to miss on the “low hanging fruit”. There are enough potential service landmines to avoid.

You do NOT want to worry about issues caused by inconsistent employee service delivery.

Simple things like:

  • The check-in/check-out flow.
  • The service request handling procedures.
  • Staff communications and interactions.

Amadeus Cloud PMS can help you solve this problem.

Amadeus Hospitality University

At no extra cost, your staff can be trained with an immersive, interactive course curriculum designed to be ready on your schedule, not ours.

Amadeus Hospitality University provides courses in all Property Management System modules. As the staff progress through their learning, they are simultaneously certified in each module as they go.

Hotels are ensured that every team member knows what they are doing before they interact with real customers.

The platform also provides you with benefits that support ongoing staff training for those changing positions in the hotel or for those new hires that come onboard as a result of employee turnover.

Don’t break the bank on traditional PMS training that requires a logistics manager to organize the training schedule!

Come check out the new Amadeus Cloud PMS and see how we are helping hotels improve customer experience through consistent service delivery, empowered by an innovative learning management platform.

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