Delivering an Unforgettable Guest Experience [White Paper Download]

Anna Ransom

Hotelier Using Service Optimization Software

2018 is the year of personalized experiences. Today’s travelers are tech-savvy and expect to find more comforts of home within their hotel room – everything from voice activated assistants to smart TVs and mobile room keys. Guests are more connected than ever before, and are keen to interact and share information with brands they are loyal to, including hotels.

According to the CMO Council, 42% of consumers say they connect through multiple channels with a brand. Many times modern travelers rely on channels such as an email, text, or tweet to voice their preferences. If they request additional pillows more than once during their stay through these modern channels, they expect the property to take notice. In the guest’s mind, sharing such meaningful data equals higher expectations. Because of this, hotels are investing in capabilities to integrate guests’ needs and desires across every available channel and amenity.

Amadeus Service Optimization

Meeting evolving guest expectations

Going beyond the average guest experience comes at a cost. In a recent Lodging Technology study, a full 39% of hotel innovators said the most complex challenge for them is the time and effort it takes to integrate systems supporting guest satisfaction. Once they’re able to clear the hurdle of connecting hotel systems with guest data, their focus can shift to the guests’ onsite experience.

Being able to rapidly respond to a guest’s needs is a top priority for every successful hotel. In fact, 52% of consumers say the #1 attribute of an exceptional experience is a fast response time to their needs and issues. In the rapidly advancing age of technology, automation is vital to streamlining operations so you can proactively serve your guests.

In response, 61% of hotels plan on increasing IT spend to meet the business demands and desires of their guests in 2018 and beyond, which requires a close relationship between the IT department and their hotel operations counterparts. The complexity of delivering on the guest experience is a team effort.

So how do you set yourself apart?

Empowering your staff with the tools they need to delight guests will help your hotel find long term success. Amadeus Service Optimization has delivered significant value to customers across the globe by optimizing and streamlining the operations process.

Download our white paper to explore more options for connecting with your guest, compare how hoteliers are spending their money, and learn how Amadeus Service Optimization is helping hotels save time and reduce costs.


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