Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism and Amadeus Extend Partnership to Deliver Data-Driven Media Campaigns

Alison Guillot

Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism and Amadeus Extend Partnership to Deliver Data-Driven Media Campaigns

October 20, 2022 – Travel demand is increasing rapidly after two years of limited opportunities due to the pandemic. Today, people are dreaming big and want to build experiential journeys that inspire lifelong memories. Before the world knew of COVID-19, destination management organizations (DMOs) such as Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) were seeking opportunities to create awareness for its city and capture the attention of travelers.

With this in mind, DET has renewed its digital media partnership with Amadeus to continue to leverage the power of Amadeus’ business intelligence solutions and media services on its travel advertising platform. This will pave the way for the delivery of custom, omni-channel marketing campaigns powered by the hospitality industry’s most comprehensive business intelligence data.

The partnership has enabled DET to measure success and gain further insights into traveler intention and patterns with remarkable results. To date, the advertising campaigns have driven more than 1 million bookings since early 2020, even during pandemic uncertainty.

Understanding the changing market dynamics and the need to stay ahead of shifting marketing trends, the Amadeus team has continued to enhance the technology used to deliver tailored marketing campaigns for destinations. Most recently, the team has improved machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities with a growing and diverse set of insights across hotels, airlines, metasearch, and online travel agencies. The predictive analytics enhanced with this rich data over time enable the algorithms to become smarter and deliver continually improving results that meet, and often exceed, customer goals.

“Enabling our customers to understand how to bring more travelers to their destination is a key aspect of supporting industry recovery,” said Scott Falconer, Executive Vice President, Media Solutions, Hospitality, Amadeus. “Our ongoing relationship with Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism is a testament to the power of our media offering. The depth of our market insight is unmatched in the industry and we’re pleased to work with leading destination management organizations such as DET to demonstrate the effectiveness of data-driven, innovative advertising technology to deliver high performing media campaigns.”




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