Guest Experience Matters

John-Michael Jenkins

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As you prepare to allocate your IT spend in 2017, take a minute to explore how operations is the backbone of the guest experience.

How to Differentiate Yourself

The guest experience is where hotels are looking to invest as a differentiator heading into the future. According to 32 Customer Experience Statistics You Need to Know for 2017 by Toma Kulbyte, guest experience is where hotels will benefit in investing as a differentiator.

The blog references a Walker study that predicts by the year 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. Toma also references the top three values for improving the customer experience are to improve customer retention, improve customer satisfaction and increase cross-selling and up-selling. All of these areas depend on your operational teams being able to collect and respond to guest needs / requests. Read the Whitepaper: Frictionless Hotels: Enabling the Omni-Experience

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IT Spend is becoming more Operations and Guest Focused

2017 Hospitality Budget Spend AnalysisTo meet these changing guest demands, Hotels are looking to spend dollars to deliver value in the current year. Based on the 2017 lodging technology study, this year forecasts to be a year of investment with only 2% of hotels saying they plan to spend less than last year and 57% planning to spend more.

With an average hospitality industry IT allocation of around 3.5% of revenue making the right decisions on where to use available funds will be essential. Based on the top 10 investment areas for technology in 2017, 29% of respondents called out servicing the guest (employee productivity) as a key priority, and 24% of hotels are searching for ways to enhance the guest experience

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Service Optimization Solutions

The Service Optimization platform (HotSOS + HotSOS Housekeeping) provided by Amadeus Hospitality, delivers a cloud-based mobile solution with 100+ supported integration partners. Staff benefit from a visual operational experience that supports 15+ native languages to help schedule, route and
execute against the guest experience.

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