How Amadeus travel audience is helping destinations spot sources of demand

Weronika Czekaj

How Amadeus travel audience is helping destinations spot sources of demand

Article originally published in Travolution.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic destinations used source market data insights to target their marketing spend at the most promising pools of potential travelers.

But now destinations have two new challenges: how to keep front of mind when travel is not possible, and how to target source markets as they open up during the summer.

To address these challenges, Amadeus travel audience launched a recovery program one year ago. They continue to support destination partners in these challenging times.

Freddy Friedman, Managing Director of Amadeus travel audience, shares his key learnings to help destinations spot signs of opportunity:

1. Match travelers with the destinations using programmatic advertising

With programmatic advertising, destinations can create solid filters that enable secure, brand-safe, and streamlined media buying. By working with Amadeus travel audiences’ handpicked publishing partners, they know exactly where their ad is being placed.

2. Predict the future in uncertain times with search and demand data, backed by travel expertise

Historic pre-COVID19 data is no longer a predictor of future behavior, so having a grasp of the current trends is more valuable than ever.

Destinations can benefit from accessing our first and third-party search and demand data, backed by travel expertise. Greece used the program in 2020 to search for the recovery signals in travel demand, with a campaign targeting German and Austrian markets. This enabled the destination to start the process of recovery and to ensure their marketing spend ROI was maximized.

It’s imperative for destinations to help travelers stay safe, but so is ensuring that relevant offers reach them.

3. Keep on top of travelers’ minds with access to real-time trends

In these disrupted times, destinations must remain top of mind, because travelers are waiting for the right time to fly somewhere.

As travel corridors open and close their doors depending on infection levels, Amadeus travel audience can help destinations react to a fast-changing situation by pointing out opportunities based on real-time data.

4. Match demand with ‘lookalike’ destinations using AI

‘Lookalike’ destinations use contextual referencing, based on consumer behavior, to recommend where potential audiences might be looking for travel inspiration.

By giving travelers more relevant options, they can make an informed choice. AI makes sense of this demand data and media buying patterns — thus, offering destinations helpful insights into performance and trends.