How to Master the Art of Personalization and Wellness in 2023

Elena Isasi

How to Master the Art of Personalization

We are back with another dual episode drop with two amazing thinkers and influencers in the industry that focused their entire careers around personalization and wellness. We get their advice and perspectives on the realistic and pragmatic approaches to improving your own experiences for your guests, and even how you can apply these same strategies for your operational teams.

The evolutions of traveler wellness and personalization in hospitality with Tammy Pahel

In this episode we speak with Tammy Pahel, Chief Wellness Officer at Alchemy Resorts about the growing impact of wellness on travel, how to use wellness to personalize experiences in the ways travelers want, and how leaders can use wellness strategies to improve the staff experience. We also dive into the various initiatives going on at Carillon Miami Wellness Resort and the success gained from an all-in focus on wellness. To learn more about Carillon and other Alchemy Wellness Hotels check out their website.


The art of personalizing traveler experiences with David Axelrod

In this episode, we explore in great detail with David Axelrod what it takes to personalize a modern guest experience, the things you need to listen to, and how to approach your guests where they are. David is an all-around expert on personalization, dedicating his career to writing best-selling books, designing bespoke luxury experiences, and consulting with various companies to improve personalization. We highly recommend checking out his book on how to create and inspire amazing travel experiences.