Introducing Demand360+®, Amadeus’ Most Powerful Demand Intelligence Solution Yet

Jennifer Axness

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In the dynamic hospitality industry, staying ahead of the curve and making informed decisions is crucial for success. You need detailed data to understand the past, present, and future of market demand to build winning strategies and unlock your hotel’s true potential.

To better support the global hospitality industry and help hoteliers like you create data-driven demand-generation strategies, Amadeus recently introduced Demand360+® – an evolution of the popular Demand360 business intelligence solution.

Demand360+ leverages comprehensive forward-looking property and competitive data from more than 41,000 participating providers (including major chains, small groups, and independents across the globe), enabling you to assess your market and competitive performance and create winning data-driven strategies.

Demand360+ allows you to understand occupancy and better inform your demand generation strategies in several different ways:

  • Demand360+ allows users to easily customize dashboards from dozens of available metrics, allowing you to focus on only the data you need to inform your unique demand and revenue strategies.
  • Demand360+ provides visibility into the source markets of travelers. With deeper understanding of the points of origin of travelers, you can easily build strategic media and marketing campaigns – even as source market dynamics evolve.
  • Demand360+ provides a unique metric – your Revenue per Available Room (RevPAR) rank compared to your competitive set. This data allows you to make informed decisions and take immediate action with customized alerts about critical market changes, ensuring you stay ahead of your competitive set.
  • Demand360+ allows you to refine your view by segment and channel, empowering your teams to analyze strategy and positioning for every segment and spot hidden opportunities. This detailed analysis allows you to maximize revenue and profitability by understanding your competitive set’s most successful segments and channels.
  • Demand360+ helps you understand market compression and quote group business with confidence. The ability to view soft months and assess competitive “on-the-books” business allows you to easily craft your group strategy with confidence.

With its unique metrics, intuitive and powerful user interface, and faster speeds than ever, Demand360+ continues to be the preferred demand intelligence solution for hoteliers worldwide.

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