How the Canary Islands Leveraged Amadeus Media Solutions to Inspire British and German Travelers to Visit the Spanish Archipelago

Jennifer Axness

Customer Success Story

Setting the Scene

Year-round balmy weather; magnificent scenery; cultural attractions from UNESCO sites to cobbled streets and the historic, whitewashed buildings of centuries past. Few island destinations offer the range of spectacular natural landscapes, unique architecture, and colorful traditions that these popular Spanish isles do, just off the northwest coast of Africa.

The Challenge

By early 2022, following two years of pandemic-related travel restrictions, tourism to the Canary Islands had dramatically fallen off, but the travel industry worldwide had swung into full recovery mode.

Spain’s Turismo de Islas Canarias – the Canary Islands’ Destination Management Organization (DMO) – sought to find a way to drive demand back to the islands, especially during the high winter and summer tourist seasons. The ideal timing for such a campaign would be early in the year, as January and February were traditionally a time of extremely heavy booking activity.

The Solution

The DMO leveraged Amadeus’ Media Solutions to create a multi-channel digital ad campaign – display, video and social media – that ran during the critical January/February booking period, promoting the Canary Islands as the perfect winter or summer getaway destination. The campaign focused entirely on travelers from two of the destination’s top origin markets – Germany and the UK.

Information provided by Amadeus’ data insights as to what other destinations German and UK travelers were searching in those markets helped develop ads that appealed specifically to that travel audience.

Happy Ending

Amadeus’ digital advertising ecosystem provided the DMO with measurements they needed to find out how many vacationers to the islands had interacted with the digital advertising.

As a result of the January/February 2022 campaign, nearly 17 million impressions were generated and over 10,000 conversions in total, with both German and British audiences responding positively. Visitors to the islands booked trips averaging nine days, and average daily spend, during those visits, was €117.


Yaiza Castilla Herrera, Tourism, Industry and Commerce Councilor, Canarias Government, commented – “Our €100,000 investment produced nearly €11 million in tourism spend for the Canary Islands – an impressive ROI that resulted from a successful campaign. We were able to reiterate that the islands are open to tourists year-round and that travelers can visit us with confidence. We can additionally confirm that we’ve recovered 85% of the travel volume we had prior to COVID-19, a percentage we expect will continue to rise during the coming months.”


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