What Women Want: Catering to the Solo Female Traveller

Gina Gradley


Solo travel has been on the rise for years but it may surprise you to know that women are more likely than men to jet-set on their own, despite the dangers. Whatever their reasons are for seeking a companion-less journey, women are diving headfirst into solo adventures and the travel industry is thoroughly embracing the trend.

Here are 5 ways hoteliers can make their property more appealing to this growing audience.

1. Price Matters

According to research, 94% of millennial women spend at least one hour a day shopping online, and 89% say they will wait for an item to go on sale before purchasing. With this thrifty mindset, it will be hard for hotels to entice female travelers if their rooms are priced well above the competition. Using a business intelligence tool will not only help you gain insight into your local market but will drive your ability to make smart, strategic decisions about your hotel rate strategy.

2. End the war on single supplement

Travelers hate single supplement fees charged by many hotels, cruise lines, and group tour operators looking to offset a potential loss in revenue. If your hotel is located in a popular tourist zone or sees a lot of transient business, it may be time to convert a standard room or smaller underused space onsite into a few single occupancy rooms that can welcome solo travelers for a fair price.

3. Pamper them

Thoughtful touches such as female-specific beauty and shower products, books and magazines, and access to premium items such as robes, slippers, hair straighteners, and curlers can be enough to make anyone feel at home. You can also enhance their entire travel experience by collaborating with local businesses that cater to women. Offer to help your female visitors book tours, spa appointments, or cooking classes for a more personalized stay that provides a dose of local culture.

4. Stage your own social events

Turn the lobby into happy hour and host games or icebreaker activities to help solo travelers feel welcome and part of a larger community. You can even go all out and let your creativity shine by hosting themed nights full of fun games for you and your guests to enjoy. Alternatively, designing your lobby or common space with multiple seating areas can be enough to encourage mingling among your solo guests. Many travelers say they want to get away from it all, but many also look to meet new people and learn a new culture.

5. Put their safety concerns to rest

Safety is a major concern for women traveling alone. Around the globe, there are many countries that although beautiful, exciting and culturally intriguing, are not as safe for unaccompanied women. Ensuring your female travelers feel secure in your hotel is imperative and there are ways to accomplish this. Women only floors have been popping up in hotels such as the Four Seasons Riyadh and the Dukes Hotel in London, allowing guests to feel relaxed and secure in a female-only environment. Som Hotels have taken it one step further with their launch of the Som Dona hotel in Mallorca where the entire hotel is reserved only for female travelers. This no-men-allowed initiative has proven popular amongst women in helping them to feel safe and at home, no matter where they are. However, you can still remain effective by keeping it simple. Ensuring your hotel is equipped with up-to-date security systems, implementing a 24-hour door attendant and offering after dark airport pick-ups can turn a wary solo traveler into one that feels safe and secure in your capable hands.

To properly cater to women traveling alone, addressing their concerns, interests, and comfort will help your hotel establish a reputation among solo travelers and set your property and staff up to deliver a memorable stay. Guest Management Solutions and business intelligence software can provide valuable insight to personalize the solo guest experience and keep them coming back for more!

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