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15-Minute Fridays

Amadeus Sales & Event Management - Advanced
FAQ Webinar Series

The 15-Minute Friday FAQ Webinars are designed to provide customers with bite-size refresher training and answers to frequently asked questions. Join these quick, 15-minute sessions for how-tos, tips and tricks, and insights to make your Amadeus Sales & Event Management software work for you.

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Batch Merge Revised & Pop-Up BEOs

Not sure how to quickly pull BEOs that have been marked Revised or Pop-Up? In this session, we will walk through how to do a batch merge for revised BEOs and a batch merge for Pop-Up BEOs.

Creating & Modifying List Views

Do you need a list of bookings that require follow up or a list of accounts in a certain state for prospecting? In this session, we will learn how to create new list views, modify existing list views, and go over a few commonly used list views tips and tricks.

Add & Retire Setup Values

Need to update your property’s always changing list of competitors? You’ll need to create a picklist value. In this session we are going to learn about Setup Values and how to create and delete different picklist values like a Lost to Competitor. We will discuss other setup values to create on the property level and how to manage them.

Items & Simple Menus

In this session, we will be walking through the steps of how to create text items, property items, and simple menus. We will cover how to detail and edit these items on a BEO and how to generate BEO’s effectively.

Item Quantity Calculation & Service Factor

How do I have the system do the math for me with my menus? Learn the 3 options for item quantity calculation and how to apply it to your menus and items. We will also review the service factor and how the system calculates consumption-based items.

Detailed Menus with Choice Groups

New to creating menus and items and you aren’t sure what choice groups and child items are? We will review how to create a detailed menu and choice groups, and how to clone and edit efficiently.

Detailed Menus with Individually Priced Items

Do you have Hors D ’Oeuvres or Consumption Bar menus where the items are priced individually, and you aren’t sure how to show the quantity or price on a BEO? We will walk through the steps of creating a menu where individual items determine the menu price, and how to edit menus and items on a BEO.

Add Budget to Pace Report

Did you know you can load your property budget into Amadeus Advanced and have it pull on the Pace Report? In this session, we will learn to create monthly property budgets that will show in-line on the Pace Report.

Add User Goals to Productivity Report

How do I track my sales and catering managers’ goals? Learn how to create individual user goals that will show at the bottom of the productivity report.

Manage Taxes

In this session, we are going to walk through the steps to create a new tax group as well as modifying those that exist. We will also go through the steps to make the new tax group the system’s default and how to adjust your future bookings with the correct tax group.

Create a New Revenue Classification

How do I set up a new Revenue Classification? Review how to create a new Revenue Classification, apply Service Charges and Taxes, and map the new Revenue Classification to the BEO, Banquet Check, and Booking Check.

Manage MeetingBroker Users

In this session, we will go over how to add and remove users in MeetingBroker so all users can successfully respond to RFP’s in Amadeus Advanced.

Respond to a MeetingBroker RFP

In this session, we will learn how to find and respond to RFPs in Amadeus Advanced as well as discuss a few best practices to speed up your response times.

Attach an Inquiry to an Existing Booking

Did you receive a new inquiry but a booking already exists in its place? In this session, we will learn how to link inquiries to existing bookings, how to link multiple inquiries to a booking, and the importance of selecting the primary inquiry.

Enter Event Actuals

Learn the quickest and most efficient way for your banquet users to enter actuals on events and individual items, and how to generate Banquet Checks.

Add Different Rates to the Same Room Type

Learn how to add multiple room blocks to a booking as well as the steps to add shoulder dates to a room block.

Create a Booking Efficiently

Getting stuck on completing a new booking when the account and contact don’t exist yet? We will walk you through the most efficient way to create an account, contact, and booking. We will also review how to clone as well as move bookings.

Activity Goals & Activity Report

Did you know that the activity report can now display goals? Learn how to create activity goals to see how they display on the activity report.

Meal Period & Cover Count Summary Report

In this session, we will be walking through how to create a meal period and cover count report using buckets and a matrix report type. We will also cover how to create a formula to pull in the average check for food and beverage.

Create a Daily Transactions Report

Do you need a report that shows all the changes that were made the previous day and by whom made them? In this session, we are going to walk through creating a daily transaction report from start to finish as well as show you how to customize the report for your property.

Create a Catering Forecast Report

In this session, we will learn how to build a catering forecast report, and have it grouped by arrival month. We will also go over how to add in a formula that calculates only food and beverage revenue.

Add or Remove Function Rooms

How do I determine the utilization of an individual function room, inactivate a function room, or create a new room?

Utilize Function Room Capacities

How do I add and change the minimum and maximum capacities on function rooms based on their setup? Learn to maximize the use and setup of function rooms.

Add or Remove Guestroom Types

How do I add new guestroom types, withdraw guestroom types, and update the inventory for availability?

Update MAR & Transient Protected

How do I update MAR and Transient Protected values? Learn how to add date collections and communicate important dates and information to the Sales team.

Copy BEOs from Other Bookings

Would it save time copying BEOs instead of creating them from scratch every time? We will review various ways for you to copy the whole and parts of BEO’s from your current booking and any booking in the system.

Understand Revenue Calculations

In this session we are going to walk through the 3 different types of revenue calculations you will see on a booking, explain where they come from and how to adjust them.

Create New Merge Documents

Learn how to create a new document template record and make a hard copy of the contract into a merge template. We will also wrap up this session by uploading our new contract and seeing our results!

Edit Existing Merge Documents

Are you noticing some errors in your sales contracts but not sure how to fix them? In this session, we will learn how to edit existing templates and end the session by uploading our new contract and seeing our results!

Edit Event & Guestroom Tables in Merge Documents

Do you need to edit the event or guestroom tables in your contracts? In this session we will walk through changes you can make to event and guestroom tables to make them more relevant to your property.

Edit BEO Header

In this session, we are going to learn how to download the BEO template, make changes to the table header, and adjust the Event table. We will then upload our new template and walk through the steps of testing it.

Create Email Templates

How do I create text and HTML email templates that can help save time and offer some consistency across the team in communication with our customers?