Put the Spotlight on Hotel Safety and Security

Anna Ransom

Put the Spotlight on Hotel Safety and Security

Hotel Safety and Security is a hot topic in the hospitality industry. Hotel staff are not only worried about their personal safety through their workday, but also your guests. According to a study by Carlson Wagonlit Travel, more than 50% of people surveyed said they worry about an intruder during their hotel stay. And as a general precaution a full 75% of travelers said they keep their room door locked at all times. So what can hotels do to ease guests’ fears, while enabling staff to respond quickly in the event of an emergency?

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Hotel Safety and Security tips


Improve Communications

Improving communication should be the first step. A hotel equipped with uninterrupted, digital communication channels can resolve an emergency much faster than hotels without them.  Direct communication is important for both staff and guests, whether the staff is alerting management to their safety, or a guest is reporting suspicious activity to your staff. The right technology integrated into a hotel’s ecosystem can ensure proactive incident resolution and a better experience for everyone.


Empower Staff

Hospitality workers face job hazards on a daily basis, including injuries, sexual harassment, and verbal abuse. Room attendants are particularly vulnerable. According to a survey conducted by Chicago-area union UNITE HERE Local 1, 58% of female room attendants reported being touched, cornered, or spoken to inappropriately by guests. As a solution, 96% of respondents said they would feel safer if they had a lifeline such as a panic button to summon help.

Without strong communication tools, it’s difficult for staff to protect themselves once they feel threatened. But progress is being made. Many cities and states are responding to the issue by enacting new laws and ordinances to increase workplace safety. A number of hotels are also choosing to invest in tools like panic buttons to keep staff safe before they’re legally mandated.


Deploy the Right Technology Solution

Being able to respond efficiently to an emergency requires the right technology. That’s why we’ve expanded our partnership with TraknProtect to include new integrations in Amadeus Service Optimization. The panic button and vendor tracking enhancements are designed to help properties ensure a safe and productive work environment for both staff and guests.

  • Panic Buttons: Imagine there is a fire at your hotel and the building is being evacuated. TraknProtect’s panic buttons can immediately identify and communicate a staff member’s location to first responders by sending a message to Amadeus HotSOS. This alert can even be sent to a specific contact, and provide location updates until the person is safely found.
  • Vendor Tracking: Managing a third party contractor or team on-site is now a possibility with TraknProtect’s vendor tracking features. Combined with Amadeus HotSOS, users can assign vendors work and pinpoint their location while they’re on the property.

The safety and security of guests and staff is the responsibility of every hotel. Communication channels must be open and plentiful to keep your guests connected and to respond to their issues in a matter of seconds. Your staff will be able to work with confidence when they have the right tools to support them on the job. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of Amadeus Service Optimization.

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