4 Ways to Improve the Guest Experience With Hotel Digital Signage

Alison Guillot

Benefits Of Hotel Digital Signage

Personalize the onsite experience with wayfinding hotel digital signage technology

No one thinks about how to get places anymore. Websites, smartphone tools, and apps have replaced bulky foldout maps and asking for directions. Travelers are no longer stuck wondering where they are, or how to reach their next destination. Instead, the world is at our collective fingertips.

Hotels, resorts, and convention centers are also beginning to see the value in providing this same level of service to visitors. Traditional maps, concierge and reader board print outs are now going digital. The latest wayfinding technology combines automation with personalized messaging to help guide guests from one place to another on property. These solutions help venues make the switch from static information to dynamic details that can update as the day progresses. As a result, properties can provide better guest experiences and more streamlined operations.

Two companies leading the industry in next-gen digital signage solutions are 22Miles and Situm. They help venues produce and display captivating visuals to entertain, inform, and engage guests onsite. Depending on the size of the venue, there are multiple opportunities to impress guests throughout their stay.

Here are four ways to better connect with guests using wayfinding hotel digital signage technology.

1.     Meeting reader boards

An interactive meetings list can help guests find all the necessary information they’ll need to plan their day. Consider listing the full event agenda here with corresponding meeting room assignments, directions, and what time breaks are happening.

2.     Meeting room boards

Once guests locate their meeting room, you can personalize the hallway experience with signage displaying information, meeting details, or even a fun welcome video.  You can also help attendees navigate to their next event.

3.     Concierge boards

Showcase the entire venue and increase opportunities for upselling by giving visitors access to more information via a lobby kiosk. They can use it to browse services and amenities like the spa, pool, onsite restaurants or bar without disrupting the staff.

4.     Mobile apps

For properties catering to business travelers, an app is a great tool. Translate the physical onsite experience to a mobile app to appeal to tech-savvy guests who prefer to navigate from their smartphones.


In the world of personalization and automation, finding engaging ways to interact with guests will give them a memorable experience. Added conveniences of digital meeting or concierge boards allow them to find relevant information to their stay when and where they need it.

To learn more about wayfinding technology or to experience the possibilities of it firsthand, join us at the 2019 Amadeus Hospitality Customer Conference. Our partner, 22Miles will provide a comprehensive event experience, and showcase their solutions as part of our sponsor innovation area.