Don’t Let Unlucky Numbers Ruin Your Event



Certain numbers are avoided because they are considered unlucky and these unlucky numbers differ from culture to culture. Americans consider 13 to be an unlucky number while the Chinese consider 4 to be an unlucky number. For example, some buildings in East Asia do not have a 4th floor. In the US, buildings do not have a 13th floor. In Hong Kong, some high-rise residential buildings omit all floor numbers with “4” (4, 14, 24, 34 and all 40–49 floors), in addition to not having a 13th floor. When executing an event, venue staff and planners need to keep in mind that their clients may want unlucky numbers eliminated.

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Number Skipping in Amadeus Hospitality Diagramming is a feature that makes eliminating numbers simple. One number or multiple numbers can be eliminated when automatically numbering tables. It’s easy to do and can be done in just one step. All that needs to be done is to indicate which numbers should be eliminated and those numbers will not be used. It’s that easy to make sure your event is not unlucky!

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