Unlock New Revenue Streams by Improving Housekeeping Operations

Anna Ransom

hsk blog

Peer-to-peer reviews have become so important to travelers in the hotel shopping process, that it now impacts every property’s bottom line. Just a single point increase in a hotel’s review score on a five-point scale can help increase ADR by 11%. What’s being said about your property is more important than ever before, and Deloitte found that your housekeeping team takes center stage in your brand’s reputation amongst your guests.

Typically, your housekeeping team has the most opportunities to interact with guests, but unfortunately, lack the time to do so. Manual operations take up too much time in the day and create heavy barriers that force team members to solely focus on cleaning rooms. Furthermore, without the right tools to effectively balance work priorities, and execute them, housekeeping teams are left at a disadvantage that ultimately hurts the guest experience. For example:

·        Long check-in wait times

·        Dirty room check-ins

·        Lack of staff friendliness due to focusing entirely on work

·        Slow response times for stayover cleaning services

In order for housekeeping teams to efficiently balance their day, execute work, and deliver meaningful interactions to your guests they need that valuable time to be more anticipatory and engaging. This is why hoteliers around the world have prioritized investing in housekeeping task automation technology to remove the barriers built by manual operations. Learn more about why hoteliers are prioritizing investing in their housekeeping teams, and the value of housekeeping task automation to your brand’s reputation and RevPAR by downloading our whitepaper.


Improve Guest Satisfaction and Optimize RevPAR with Housekeeping Automation