Introducing Amadeus Video Solutions

Introducing Amadeus Video Solutions

From mobile to social media networks, advances in technology are empowering consumers with information, making it more difficult for travel brands to gain mindshare, drive bookings, and ultimately, grow business. Hotels need new ways to differentiate their offerings and reach travelers with relevant, personalized content. And, they need to enable partners like travel agencies to attract travelers to their storefronts.

In travel and hospitality, the demand for quality content in an engaging format is clear, and brands only stand to gain. Views of travel-related content on YouTube are accelerating, and 67% of these views are for a brand or professionally-released videos. Most importantly, almost two-thirds of travelers consult video from inspiration to booking. The bottom line is video wins mindshare and influences booking behaviors.

For brands who need a simple, budget-friendly way to drive bookings, Amadeus Video Solutions is an all-in-one marketing suite that turns rich media into sales.

In partnership with Rich Media Exchange, our solution combines an interactive video player and content management system to create value in three ways:

  • Brand differentiation, awareness, and engagement: Enrich videos with contextual information and real-time fares to create shareable, shop-able experiences that can be re-used time and again. This is effective whether you’re educating guests and travel agents about your brand, or promoting specific offers through them.
  • New audiences: Generate leads through a media portal with a strategic distribution network. This means you can upload, manage, author, and distribute your content direct-to-consumer and to and through our trade networks – all from one place.
  • Performance measurement: Track media usage and audience engagement to boost marketing results. With end-to-end, cross-channel metrics – like view count, watch time, interaction time, and click-through-rate – you can identify top-performing media, the most engaging content, and the best distribution mix to stretch your marketing dollars.

Our all-in-one marketing suite enables hotels to differentiate their brands, raise awareness, reach new audiences, capture qualified leads, and measure marketing impact. Please watch a short video and take a 3-minute survey to tell us what you think!


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