Your Hotel Website Design : The New Hotel Lobby

Anna Ransom

Hotel Website Design : The New Hotel Lobby

A good hotel website design is foundational to attract more bookings. Similar to a hotel lobby, it is a key opportunity to make the right first impression on its guests. Whether it’s small or large, rustic or modern, its appearance immediately conveys the type of experience a traveler can expect during their stay.

Lobbies can inspire repeat business, or drive guests away with one glance. We’ve all heard the saying, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression,” and hoteliers have taken this challenge seriously, filling their hotels with luxurious furniture, ornate art, unique amenities, and complimentary snacks. However, the lobby is no longer the place a hotel really makes its first impression.

Before a guest steps foot in your physical presence, they’re exploring your digital presence… your website; and they’ll pay close attention to your hotel website design.

Websites Influence 97% of Clients’ Purchasing Decisions.1

Investing in your hotel website design and creating the perfect website to impress potential guests is no easy task. From the moment a person types in the URL, they should feel immersed in a unique environment, with a best-in-class exploratory and a “wow” booking experience. Successful home pages allow travelers to virtually see, touch, and feel your brand with the help of exclusive, engaging content that showcases your culture and commitment to consumer satisfaction. Are you ready to create a compelling experience?

96% of Site Visitors Are Not Ready to Buy.2

Websites have a lot of work to do. Like the lobby, it needs to be welcoming and project both your brand and the experience a guest will have at your property. Your website also has to be interesting and informative enough to keep potential guests coming back to learn more, and ultimately to book. You can elevate your digital brand experience across all devices by:

  • Employing top-notch photography and visual hotel website design
  • Sharing guest stories through rich, engaging content
  • Improving both the decision-making and booking processes
  • Ensuring a seamless user experience across all devices

Design Matters

Website design can have a profound impact on a potential guest’s first impression of your property and their decision to book with you. A modern layout with beautiful photography of your property, rooms, restaurants, and yes, even your lobby, can convert.

Hotel Web Design

Guests Are Seeking Peer Validation.

Even the most engaging websites can lose bookings to competitors that feature positive traveler reviews. Having a third-party validation will always help sway customers who may be undecided when considering your property. Collecting and sharing guest stories will not only enhance your brand’s digital presence but will encourage guests to trust their peers and convert at a higher rate from referrals.

Guests Are Seeking Peer Validation

Information and Ease Generate Leads.

Website design may make the first impression, but the information available and ease-of-use will make the lasting impression. Booking online is more popular than ever before, for both rooms and events. Having all of the information a potential guest or meeting planner needs, available and accessible in a seamless page navigation, will make your website a digital destination customers want to explore.

Information and Ease Generate Leads

Researching on Mobile, Booking on Desktop.

If a customer visits your site multiple times, it’s likely to be on multiple devices. With everyone on the go, your website needs to function just as well on a mobile device as it does on a desktop. And with such a high percentage of time spent on apps, ensuring both a seamless research and booking experience there is paramount to creating and maintaining loyal customer relationships.

Researching on Mobile, Booking on Desktop

No matter how impressive, your website is unlikely to have the same “wow” potential as your most beautiful hotel lobby. But with the right tools and prioritization, it’s very possible to avoid a negative reaction, keep your potential guest coming back for more information, and ultimately to book their stay.

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