The Number of Meetings Individual Planners Manage is Increasing

Eric Oppegaard

Meeting Planners are Handling More

Seven years ago, most planners (34%) said they manage 5 to 10 events a year. Now, most say either 5 to 10 (28%) or 11 to 25 (29%) – which suggests that since the downturn, they’re juggling more events at a time.

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These Event Planners said that technology is one of the deciding factors when selecting a venue for their function.


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Together with Meeting Professionals International (MPI), we ran a study at the end of 2016 asking planners how they feel about these technologies and what value they see in them.  Download the full PDF of detailed results from the survey.

Download Survey Results

Meeting Planners Need Technology for Success

In the survey, Meeting Planners responded they look for:

Online Venue Evaluation

Allow Meeting Planners to evaluate meeting space in an online, interactive manner.


Direct Booking

Capture the booking instantly.  Expose inventory, and allow planners to select packages to quickly setup their event.


Mobile Collaboration

Collaborate prior, during and after the event with meeting planners.  Ensure all additions are tracked, eliminating lost revenue.

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