How to Meet Today’s Hotel Guest Expectations

Anna Ransom


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Long gone are the days where a website with an online booking option is sufficient to attract guests to your property. Today’s savvy consumer craves personalized, immersive experiences. They want to be captivated from their first thought of travel to their return home with memories that will last a lifetime.

What should hospitality organizations be considering? Research by Meetings & Conventions Magazine reflects the most influential factor in determining loyalty to a brand is “prior experience” rated at 88%, quickly followed by “consistency of service” rated at 81%. Hospitality organizations must examine their guest interactions at every point.

Areas for consideration:

presentation-140873753Inspire your guests: When traveling, individuals have access to many accommodation options. Guests want to know that their stay at your property will be an experience. Help them envision their stay as your guest.

  • How are you showcasing your property online?
  • What is happening in the local area?
  • What offerings are available onsite?

It’s time to book: Today’s consumers expect both online and mobile booking options. Regardless of the method used, make sure the experience is an easy one. But your engagement doesn’t end once they click the ‘Book Now’ button.

  • Do you use pre-arrival communications to offer incentives to build their experience?
  • Are you using a variety of channels to engage with guests through all phases of their travel?
  • What is your strategy to track guest preferences in each interaction and increase engagement?

As your guests arrive: The time has come for your guests to arrive. Proactive review of expectations will help reduce any last minute issues or concessions.

  • Have you empowered your staff to inspect each area of the property and report any issues before they are noticed by a guest?
  • If a guest incident arises, do you have a means to quickly and effectively remedy it?
  • Have you implemented technology solutions to increase onsite incremental revenue in property outlets?

Ending? Or new beginning? Your guests have departed, but it’s not over. With their consent, you’ve compiled relevant information about your guests. Don’t let your engagement end the minute they leave your property.

  • Are you leveraging the guest information you’ve gathered during their prior engagements with you?
  • Are you leveraging this information to incentivize guests to return with personalized offerings based on their preferences?
  • What channels will you use to ensure that you are staying engaged with your guests and deepening your insight into their preferences?

Diagram_3.pngPlanner needs matter: Amadeus Hospitality solutions also encompass sales and catering solutions that hospitality organizations need to efficiently and profitably sell and manage group events. Ensure that you have an efficient means of collaboration to empower planners to manage their event online and have direct communication with critical event staff. Help calm those pre-event jitters with full transparency of event details. Understanding group dynamics as well as individual guest expectations is key to delivering an exceptional event while maximizing revenue potential for the group.

  • Are you working with planners through their preferred means of communication and timeline?
  • How are you tracking all details to ensure flawless event delivery?
  • What is required to ensure you will meet expectations of both the planners and their attendees?

 Action to consider

Technology solutions available today empower hospitality organizations to make smarter decisions. While most vendors suggest leveraging technology to deepen your knowledge about your own business, you should be implementing solutions that empower you to adapt your business processes around a complete guest experience so you can keep pace with growing expectations and differentiate your offering.

In every interaction you have the opportunity for growth. Learn more about traveler preferences from their first thought of the journey, through the booking, while they are on site, and even after they depart. Put your guest at the forefront and help them build the experiences they crave. By doing so, you ensure that the next time they’re planning a journey, they will think of you first.