Oceania Hotels Expands Partnership with Amadeus and Aims to Deliver Unique Guest Experiences and Drive More Direct Bookings

Jennifer Axness

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French hotel chain Oceania Hotels announces the addition of Amadeus Web Solutions and expanded Guest Management Solutions to its agreement with hospitality partner, Amadeus.

In today’s highly competitive market, Oceania Hotels understands the value of having a top-quality hotel website to inspire travel, instill confidence, and provide a smooth, personalized, and intuitive journey for guests. Building on its current use of iHotelier® Central Reservations System and Guest Management Solutions (GMS), Oceania is adding Web Solutions and the expanded GMS solution package with Guest Portal, so they can now leverage the full power of hospitality’s only integrated end-to-end eCommerce solution – the Amadeus Integrated Booking Suite (iHotelier® + GMS + Web) – to drive direct bookings, optimize costs, increase guest loyalty, and allow for more guest personalization.

In addition, Oceania has added Amadeus’ digital media solutions to its agreement in an effort to help increase direct bookings by increasing the online visibility of their new, Amadeus-powered website.

Amadeus Web Solutions are particularly well-suited for multi-property hotel groups like Oceania, as they use features such as a module-based approach to data storage that allows hoteliers to efficiently manage their online presence. Featuring a Content Management System (CMS) built specifically for hotels, Amadeus Web Solutions provide hoteliers with an easy way to build and maintain a customer-facing website, drive direct bookings, and gain guest loyalty.  

The powerful Amadeus Integrated Booking Suite (AIBS) – a combination of Hotelier® Central Reservations System, Guest Management Solutions and Amadeus Web Solutions – provides hotel chains with a connected technology ecosystem to more efficiently manage their distribution, booking strategy, web design, loyalty/member programs, and guest communications, while helping to deliver a smooth, user-friendly experience to the guest at every stage of their journey.

Amadeus’ Digital Media Solutions help hotels drive traffic, increase website visibility, and increase direct bookings through cross-channel advertising across display, paid search, and social media.

“Our partnership with Amadeus is enabling our brand to grow,” said Rozenn Branellec Dumon, CEO, Oceania Hotels. “The addition of Amadeus Web Solutions and expanded GMS solutions will help support loyalty and member program goals while providing our guests with an improved shopping experience. In addition, the centralized view of online content and streamlined workflows will enable the simplification of the teams’ day-to-day tasks, time savings, and cost reductions.”

“We are pleased to continue to support and expand our partnership with Oceania Hotels, providing a web presence and connected technology ecosystem to more effectively manage their business,” added Alejandro Lista, Regional VP Southern Europe, Hospitality, Amadeus. “With the power of the Amadeus Integrated Booking Suite, Oceania Hotels can equip their properties with the tools they need to offer guests the right offer on the right channel at the right time – a win-win to drive demand and guest loyalty while optimizing operations and delivering a better guest experience.”


About Oceania Hotels

Oceania Hotels is France’s first national hotel brand, offering 27 seaside, well-being or city-break, 3- or 4-star hotels, in 18 destinations in France. In each of the hotels, the quality of the services and the personalized decoration go hand in hand with an eco-responsible approach.

Oceania Hotels now has more than 600 employees and is continuing its development by signing three new hotels in Lille, Lyon and Paris, the openings of which are expected in 2024 and 2025. Now owners of 31 establishments, Oceania Hotels remains open to growth opportunities and plans to expand to new destinations, always favoring good locations in the heart of town, by the sea, or close to airports.

About Amadeus

Amadeus powers more personalized and authentic travel experiences. Our solutions are designed to enrich every stage of the traveler journey and help hospitality providers acquire, service, and retain guests by profitably driving demand and converting them into loyal fans.

Backed by over 30 years of experience, we design open, cutting-edge software to provide the most efficient, trusted, and reliable systems for our customers. With experts in 175+ countries, we have a deep understanding of the hospitality industry and a desire to enable our hotel partners to create memorable guest experiences.

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