Are You Ready for the Challenge of Hosting Casual Business Meetings?



The growing trend of casual business meetings has created new challenges that venues must address. The days of business meetings using standard setups has slowly evolved to a requirement for unique setups designed to drive interaction and increase discussion. This new demand will increase the cost of doing business and even lead to the loss of future events if venues are not able to successfully meet the new requirements of the planner.

Creating an engaging casual business meetings setup has never been easier when using Amadeus Hospitality Diagramming.

One of the key goals our customers would like to attain from a casual business meeting setup such as the one below is to encourage interaction, discussion, and team bonding.  While the classroom and banquet tables form the primary seating and created to encourage discussion, the couches in the front of the room and the cocktail tables in the back of the room reinforce the casual tone for the meeting. Additionally, the cocktail tables provide an area where groups can gather to socialize during breaks.


Business Casual Room Plan


The key to any successful event is execution. A complex setup means the need for a highly accurate online meeting and event diagramming solution that provides clear and concise instructions for creating the event layout is more important than ever. Amadeus Hospitality Diagramming is flexible and powerful enough to support setup styles limited only by the imagination of the planner. Amadeus Hospitality Diagramming enables venues to adapt to the demands of the planner while allowing the brands to differentiate themselves from competitors. The high level of detail of our event layouts, combined with the ability to add a contextual description to provide instructions, ensure that the event rooms are setup correctly the first time, every time.