Sofitel Legend the Grand Amsterdam Case Study

Gina Gradley

Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam Case Study

Transform your hotel’s daily operations

Full of history, luxury, and modern elegance, the Sofitel Legend the Grand Amsterdam is an upscale hotel located in the heart of the Netherland’s bustling capital city. With tourism on the rise, the property selected Amadeus Service Optimization to automate their housekeeping processes and increase staff productivity to meet the needs of their growing business.

“Every year tourism is increasing in Amsterdam which means our hotel is reaching 90-96% capacity! With the hotel being so busy and having more people waiting for rooms, it’s really important that we have a good system and we really benefit from having Amadeus Service Optimization. I’m often surprised by the speed that we can have rooms ready and Amadeus SO is the reason we can do that.”

– Stefan Melcherts, Director of Operations

Why Amadeus Service Optimization?

The Sofitel Legend the Grand Amsterdam first implemented Amadeus Service Optimization in 2013, and management is thrilled with how the software has transformed their daily operations. Martijn Drost, Head of Engineering and IT highlights the speed, efficiency, and communication improvements since the mobile app makes it easy to locate and connect with staff wherever they are on the property. “Everybody can see within Amadeus Service Optimization what the status of a work ticket is, so you don’t need to call others to get information. If there’s a shift change, the incoming team member can track what’s been done already since the information is stored in one place,” says Drost. The solution not only makes the workflow easier for staff but has also had a noticeable impact on guest wait times. “When someone checks out at reception, the housekeeping team can see it straight away, and we can start preparing the room immediately for the next guest,” adds Drost.

Customer service is a top priority for the hotel, which makes the guest engagement and feedback features in Amadeus Service Optimization so valuable. The app allows users to monitor guest’s comments, both positive and negative so management and staff can address issues as fast as possible. Stefan Melcherts, Director of Operations says, “Reviewing guest feedback is important for our operations so we can follow up with staff, ensure issues are resolved and try to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.” The solution empowers the hotel to provide a stress-free, enjoyable stay for their guests, and an easy-to-use tool for staff.


“At the beginning, the change was a bit scary and the housekeeping staff were nervous about us being able to check on them everywhere, but now if they didn’t have it I think they’d panic! We all love it.”

– Martijn Drost, Head of Engineering and IT