Myth-Busting: The Truth About Amadeus Value Hotels

Johanna Lim

By: Katja Bohnet, Director, Hotel Distribution, Hospitality, Amadeus


At this stage in the pandemic, COVID-19 protocols remain top of mind for travelers along with price and budget, making choice and seamless experiences essential to rebuild travel.

This is why we’re proud to offer Amadeus Value Hotels – accommodation content that is sourced by Amadeus and, best of all, priced by you, the travel seller. As the name suggests Amadeus Value Hotels offers value for your business, your time and your brand. So, what do we mean exactly? Let’s bust some myths around the word “value” and shine a light on the many benefits of this program.

Myth #1: Choice in hotel properties is very limited

The reality is there are more than 500,000 properties and hotel chains worldwide to choose from, with a range of property types, room rates and meal plans. Whether for a small bed & breakfast, business hotel or even a boutique resort, Amadeus Value Hotels provides value through its extensive and diverse content offering.

Myth #2: Controlling revenue is complicated

Amadeus Value Hotels offers competitive net rates and enables you to provide attractive offers for travelers and generate additional revenue. Take full control of your mark-up since you determine your rates and margin.

Myth #3: Collecting hotel commission is not easy

All Amadeus Value Hotels bookings are pre-paid. There’s no need to wait until check-out for your reward! Again, this is more good news for your bottom line and makes hotel commission collection easy and smooth.

Myth #4 Hotel payment and reconciliation options are limited

As a travel seller, you have the control to choose the best option for you. There are many flexible payment choices such as agreed credit line, agency credit card with option to pay later and, agency virtual credit card.

Myth #5:  Tracking hotel bookings is complex and time-consuming

The experience is seamless as all properties are integrated into the Amadeus Travel Platform. You can access properties directly from the Amadeus Selling Platform with no additional log-in. Easily keep track of bookings thanks to a full PNR integration to mid and back-office systems, allowing you to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on selling!

Myth #6: Ensuring travelers have a smooth hotel travel experience is a challenge

Maintaining a good reputation with travelers is easy with Amadeus Value Hotels. We have a dedicated Amadeus Value Hotels customer support team accessible through the Amadeus Service Hub. If an emergency strikes, a multilingual helpline is there to support your customers when they need it.


Providing value to both you and your travelers is why Amadeus Value Hotels exists. Thousands of travel sellers like you are already booking Amadeus Value Hotels properties.

Lance Goodson, Managing Director of Uniglobe Carter, who also shared his view: “Amadeus Value Hotels has some fantastic benefits compared to booking hotels through other sources. Benefits like setting our own commission levels, and the excellent customer support, and the 24/7 Service Hub with a dedicated team. Overall, it saves valuable time when booking hotels, and we are confident that the rates being offered are some of the best available. “


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