Amadeus Hospitality Software Solutions

With a range of software solutions designed by hospitality experts, Amadeus is changing the rules on how organizations think about the technology that powers success.

Software Solutions for Hotels

Hotel operations are uniquely complex and creating exceptional guest experiences with consistency while focusing on maximizing profit margins requires harmony between many disparate systems and elements. To meet the needs of guests and employees in the face of intensifying competition, hotels need a technology partner that designs solutions that are engineered to address the challenges they face daily.

Amadeus software platforms help bring the various functions of hotel operations together, bridging critical gaps and improving the consistency of internal collaboration. Through innovative solutions, leaders from multiple sectors can optimize resource management, enhance decision-making through data analysis, and ultimately improve the level of service across the board.

Software Solutions for Events and Banquets

For institutions with available meeting and event space, deciding to host groups should be a no-brainer. Then, however, they have to deal with the logistics of using resources efficiently and consistently close new leads—that’s where things become much more complicated. Simultaneously, event managers have to be sure that prospective clients’ needs match well with their spaces, infrastructure, and resources.

Institutions of all kinds and sizes use Amadeus hospitality solutions to revolutionize their event sales and operations sectors. It allows them to meet the specific challenges that define their business model by facilitating communication between the organization, its partners, and vendors by optimizing processes through advanced data analysis.

Software Solutions for Gaming

Modern casinos can’t rely only on gaming revenue to compete in the contemporary environment. They must develop a cohesive strategy for retaining guest loyalty, signing group business and successfully executing events so they can keep pace with the demands of the current market.

Amadeus understands the issues that gaming enterprises must navigate. We offer robust solutions that help casinos understand and better serve their guests, elevate their event management processes and expand their brand reach into new sectors. These platforms help gaming enterprises jumpstart their guest experience, lead management, and group response capabilities, as well as optimize channel resource allocation to provide maximum ROI for new customer segments.

Software Solutions for Restaurants

Restaurants in today’s climate can’t afford to be a step behind the curve. With razor-thin margins and stiff competition coming from every corner, restaurant staff needs to be prepared to quickly assess and pursue event business leads and capitalize on opportunities to differentiate their brand. Private rooms and function spaces often sit as unused assets, but with the help of innovative technology, restaurants can improve their utilization rates of these resources and increase profit margins.

By implementing a hospitality management solution from Amadeus, restaurants can automate the front-end event sales functions to respond quickly to inquiries and manage accounts effectively in the vital early stages of the process. With the help of sophisticated algorithms, managers can fill unused spaces efficiently and build brand leadership in the group business segment.

Hospitality is a broad market, and we know your organization faces specific challenges and has unique needs. Select an industry to learn about our hospitality software solutions and success stories relevant to your business.

Hotel Inventory Distribution Services

Amadeus Hotel Distribution allows you to distribute your hotel inventory on the world’s leading global distribution systems, such as Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport (Galileo and Worldspan).

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