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Recent Updates of Our Own

Amadeus Named Platinum Sponsor of HOSPA to Promote Industry Growth

Alison Guillot

January 20, 2020 – HOSPA, the UK’s leading organization for hospitality professionals, has named Amadeus, an industry leading provider of hospitality technology solutions, as a platinum sponsor through 2021. As part of the new partnership, Amadeus will work with HOSPA to issue data-driven insight for hospitality organizations to strengthen revenue strategies, as well as deliver…

3 Steps to Reduce Overtime in 2020 for Select Service Hotels

Kevin Brown

After over a decade of growth, RevPAR around the world is slowing down fast. And whenever RevPAR growth suffers, so does your budget. Many select service hoteliers start the year finding the best ways to cut down on labor costs, as they are already limited in resources and capabilities. Historically, hoteliers have put freezes on…

Why 2019 Was Our Best Year Yet

Gina Purdue

As the year draws to a close, people around the world are looking back at 2019 and evaluating the time spent, decisions made and actions taken over the last 12 months. Here at Amadeus, we are no different. We understand the importance of studying the past, assessing our performance and, most of all, celebrating all…

Amadeus Hospitality 10 Best of 2019

Alison Guillot

As the hospitality industry evolves, we closely follow the trends and challenges facing organizations around the world. Our goal as technology providers is to strengthen and innovate our core solutions to improve operations and revenue for our customers. Much of our research throughout the year becomes our blogs and eBooks, and with each page view…

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