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We like to keep everything up to date, as we know information changes at an ever-increasing pace. Please take a look at the information we have below and update anything that may be amiss.

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Recent Updates of Our Own

It’s Not Just a Room – The Benefits of Attribute-Based Selling in Hotels

Alison Guillot

By: Doug Rice, Hotel Industry Consultant and Analyst   Originally published in Hospitality Upgrade   Most hotels today sell using a model that has changed very little for the last 50 years. The customer selects a room type and maybe a rate plan, an arrival date and number of nights, and confirms a booking. This…

5 Steps to Prepare Your Hotel Housekeeping Team for 2021 and Beyond

Melody Wendt

Originally published in Hotel Online   The challenges the hospitality industry has faced in the wake of COVID-19 reminds us how critical the housekeeping department’s role is to a hotel’s overall success. The urgency to prevent the spread of COVID-19 has accelerated change in our industry, including the need for new hygiene and cleaning processes. Even before the virus, 78% of hotel guests believed cleanliness to be the most crucial factor affecting their choice of where to stay,…

6 Hospitality Trends to Watch in 2021

Alison Guillot

Originally published in Hotel Online   With the global roll out of COVID-19 vaccines underway, we are all hoping for brighter days ahead along with the return of travel. But it’s also important to acknowledge that the experiences and customs we once knew may look different – either temporarily or permanently due to the pandemic. As the year progresses, what…

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