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[Webinar Recording] Hospitality Crisis Management

Eric Oppegaard

Building a Data-Driven Strategy to Manage Today and Plan for the Future With markets feeling the strain of the current events, it can be challenging for hoteliers to know how to plan the best course of action. Using feedback and insight gathered by experts from within Amadeus, as well as from our customers, this webinar…

Best Practices to Manage Group Business in Challenging Times

Jimmy Haight

Hoteliers today are navigating an unprecedented and challenging economy due to COVID-19. Group business has always been a cornerstone for hotel operations, but is being challenged in an unprecedented way. While the market has seen many ups and downs over time, the challenges hoteliers face today will test even the most seasoned and focused sales…

5 Steps to Enhancing Hotel Housekeeping & Guest Satisfaction in a Downturn

Melody Wendt

For hoteliers, the well-being and health of guests and staff are of the utmost importance. In the wake of COVID-19 and rising hygienic concerns, what additional precautionary measures should hotels take to protect the health integrity of its environment? Step 1: Assess your Current Plan of Action and Cleaning Regimen Hospitality professionals pride themselves on…

The Hotelier’s Guide to Managing Online Reviews

Alison Guillot

Travelers share everything online these days, both good and bad. They’ll tweet about a positive customer service experience at their favorite hotel just as quickly as they’ll share photos on TripAdvisor of cringe-worthy hotel maintenance issues. Within minutes, the posts can be seen by thousands of people, some of whom may be potential customers researching…

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