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We like to keep everything up to date, as we know information changes at an ever-increasing pace. Please take a look at the information we have below and update anything that may be amiss.

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Recent Updates of Our Own

How the Hospitality Industry Can Plan for Recovery

Alison Guillot

Originally published on Amadeus Insights   COVID-19 will have a lasting impact on the global hospitality industry. While hoteliers prepare for an uncertain future, the most important step they can take in the near-term is to implement a comprehensive reopening strategy to make the most out of any demand as it returns. But where to…

A Four Phase Theory to the Return of Travel

Jacki Brown

Originally published on Hospitality Net   As members of the hospitality industry, we are full of questions about what the future of travel will look like, how it will evolve, and especially when it will return. As travelers ourselves, full of wanderlust and a desire to see and connect with new cultures, we’re all individually…

Prepare Your Sales Team for a Hospitality Industry Recovery

Jimmy Haight

Covid-19 has fundamentally altered how hotels plan, manage and sell group business. Without knowing when and how a recovery will unfold, sales leaders face the difficult task of building a coherent strategy to bring revenue back in the door. While there is no exact blueprint for how the recovery will unfold, we have created a…

Introducing “Generation Clean” – The New Age of Hotel Guests

Melody Wendt

By Tim Pelletier, Chief Technology Officer, Hospitality, Amadeus Originally published on Hospitality Net   While global travel markets continue to wrestle with the implications of COVID-19, one thing is becoming increasingly clear – the crisis will have a deep and lasting impact on the industry. How the industry evolves to address the situation and future-proof their…

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