Your Complimentary Upgrade Has Arrived

Good news! As a loyal customer of Amadeus’ MeetingMatrix, we invite you to a complimentary upgrade to Delphi Diagramming Property Edition (DD).

The Time for New is Now.

To learn more about the transition and new product features, please fill out the adjacent form.

Please note that MeetingMatrix will no longer be available, maintained, or supported after their announced end of life date of November 1st, 2023. To ensure business continuity, we are implementing a Transition Program through which all MeetingMatrix customers will be transitioned to Amadeus’s Sales & Catering software solution, Delphi Diagramming Property Edition.

Meet the industry leading diagramming solution, Delphi Diagramming

Delphi Diagramming (previously AHD, Amadeus Hospitality Diagramming) is designed to help you:

Streamline Operational Execution

With access to the application from anywhere there is internet connectivity.

Improve Efficiency

By integrating your events with your diagrams.

Deliver an Impressive Digital Experience

By sharing meeting room information on your website in a robust and interactive way.

Continuously Evolve

With a cloud-based, open API platform.

Transition to Delphi Diagramming Today

Amadeus is retiring MeetingMatrix and will reach end-of-life on November 1, 2023. Following this date, MeetingMatrix will no longer be maintained or supported. That’s why Amadeus is inviting customers for a complimentary transition to the industry leading diagramming solution, Delphi Diagramming (previously AHD, Amadeus Hospitality Diagramming).

To avoid a mad rush at the last minute, we’re offering extra savings if you transition early. Here’s how it works:

We will set you up in Delphi Diagramming for free (waiving approximately $2000 in services).

You sign your property up for a three-year agreement with some amazing discounts:

  • Your first year’s subscription price will match your current MeetingMatrix annual support fee.
    • Sign up before January 31, 2023, receive 10% off the first year (that’s right – less than you’re paying now for a product last updated in 2010!)
    • Sign up between February 1, 2023 – April 30, 2023, receive 5% off the first year
  • Second year 20% off today’s annual price
  • Third year 10% off today’s annual price

Additional Transition Information

For additional information about this end-of-life notification or the move to Delphi Diagramming, please refer to the links below.