Events done (won, planned and executed) right.

For more than three decades, we perfected best-of-breed sales and catering solutions. But there’s no time to rest as consumer expectations continue to change. They expect more, and Amadeus solutions anticipate and deliver.

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Amadeus Sales & Event Management

For more than three decades, the Delphi brand was synonymous with excellence in sales and catering solutions. But like you, our mission has expanded. The problems are more complex, and competition is tougher. Our solutions help you manage the entire business lifecycle of your events—prospecting, winning business, planning, executing and analyzing metrics—in order to improve efficiency and increase profitability.

The seamless interaction of our solution modules enable you to successfully grow your business, generate loyalty and distinguish your offerings from the competition.

"...identify opportunities to grow revenue...we are just scratching the surface"

Jim Mostad
Director of Sales
The Breakers Palm Beach

Amadeus Sales & Event Management Clients

Why Small Meetings Are Big Business

John-Michael Jenkins

Personalization is a buzzword in nearly every industry – retail, healthcare, food, hospitality, and more. Consumers want prompt and customized attention to all of their needs, which has created a shift in the industry to smaller meetings and events. While many venues weren’t marketing directly to smaller groups, this market segment is becoming big business.…

10 Tips for Writing a Hotel Sales Proposal That Wins Group Business

John-Michael Jenkins

Guest post from Nicola Graham, Director of Marketing, International at Cendyn.   We all know everyone loves to win business. But there’s more to winning the deal outside of sweet talking and good relationships, the proposal plays a key role as well. With that in mind, what’s needed to make that proposal part of your…

Why Diagramming Matters for Venues & Event Planners

John-Michael Jenkins

A well-designed space can make or break an event. As an event planner, the functionality, ease-of-use, and ambiance determine what kind of experience your guests have. As a venue, you want to be sure you have flexibility and customizable options in these areas to appeal to a wide variety of clients and keep a steady…