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Essentials Module Demo

Amadeus Sales & Event Management – Essentials provides your guest room only hotel with the essential hospitality software tools to grow your group business and improve profitability. In our short two and a half minute demo of the Essentials Module, you will see just how user-friendly and intuitive our sales & event management software solution is. Just fill out the form on this page to start your demo of the Essentials Module.

Amadeus Sales & Event Management - Essentials Module Demo


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With a limited budget, it can be hard to constantly provide engaging hotel guest experiences. With limited staff, creating time savings is more valuable than ever. Managing hotel reservations and filling guest rooms one at a time can be repetitious and a huge task. Shifting a portion of your business to group and volume contracts sales will enable your team to fill rooms consistently and boost profitability.

The Sales & Event Management – Essentials Module is a cloud-native solution that provides you with the essential tools to grow group business, delight guests, and promote brand loyalty. Our solution was designed to affordably empower guest room only hotels to efficiently manage guest room blocks and local negotiated rates.

Benefits of the Essentials Module

Grow Group Business and Improve Profitability
Manage Customer Relationships
Quickly Onboard and Train Staff
Gain Visibility Into Business Performance

With all the details you need at your fingertips, you can efficiently manage tasks and pursue business.

  • Sell, manage, and deliver flawless experiences
  • Easily view availability
  • Schedule tasks for follow up
  • Businessmen at Hotel

    With limited hotel staff, automating processes to find new customers and nurture relationships is key to winning business.

  • Simplify record keeping with one database for group contacts and accounts
  • Detail records to cultivate relationships and repeat business
  • Easily access contact and account information
  • Manage Customer Relationships

    The user experience is so intuitive, you’ll be able to configure and gain value from the solution almost immediately.

  • Configure and start gaining value in under 30 minutes
  • Answer your questions with in-line tips and help
  • Minimal training required
  • Essentials Module Demo

    Gain Visibility Into Business Performance.

  • Ability to measure progress
  • Visibility into trends, enabling forecasting
  • A variety of reporting options
  • The Art Of The Upsell
    Business People Meeting

    Need a solution that also has event functionality?

    The Amadeus Sales & Event Management – Standard Module is a cloud-native solution with the same intuitive user interface as the Essentials Module, plus event functionality. Now you optimize guest room and function space usage and profitability. The Standard Module allows select service hotels to enhance both group and event planning business with automation and standardization. Our solution allows you to:

  • Efficiently book, manage, execute, and provide insight into group business and events.
  • Standardize event operations and documentation for timesavings.
  • Quickly onboard new staff and streamline daily operations with a consistent process.
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