Your Action Plan to Deliver Group Personalization

Anna Ransom

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Not long ago, tailored personalization was often referred to as “creepy.” The average person didn’t feel comfortable with companies knowing and using their preferences to provide recommendations. While some people still certainly feel that way, the majority of consumers now prefer brands knowing their interests and behaviors. If you’re one of many Netflix, Amazon, or Spotify users, you likely expect this kind of intimacy from brands you engage with.

A recent study by Accenture shows customers are more likely to buy from a brand if:

That being said, hotels still have room for growth when it comes to delivering this level of customer intimacy for guests and groups. In fact, Skift reports Group Sales teams are the least likely to leverage guest information, missing out on tremendous opportunities to upsell around events and group stays. The opportunities for personalization are endless – from before the event, to coordinating travel, to evening entertainment during the stay, and post-event dining and activities. Personalization delivers value and can be the differentiator for your property, creating a greater percentage of repeat business and word of mouth referrals.

So what steps can you take to start increasing the level of personalization you offer groups? Start with these 5 tips and then see how Foxwoods Resort and Casino puts group personalization into action.

Group Personalization Action Plan

  1. Request the itinerary from the planner
  2. Anticipate needs based on prior requests
  3. Add personal touches
  4. Collect individual attendee travel details
  5. Respond quickly to group needs

Group Personalization in Action at Foxwoods Resort & Casino

Ashley Medeiros, Senior Convention Services Manager at Foxwoods Resort and Casino, shares her tips for personalizing the group experience using Amadeus Sales and Catering solutions paired with Amadeus Service Optimization solutions. With each booking, her team finds new ways to deliver the kind of memorable experience that will keep both groups and guests coming back for more.




For more ideas about how personalization for groups can enhance and increase your group sales and make your hotel stand out from the competition, download the eBook, Delivering on Group Personalization –The New Rule Book for Executing and Enhancing Your Group’s Guest Experiences.


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