Why a Diagramming Software for Event Planners Matters

Alison Guillot

Why a Diagramming Software for Event Planners Matters

A well-designed space can make or break an event. As an event planner, the functionality, ease-of-use, and ambiance determine what kind of experience your guests have. As a venue, you want to be sure you have flexibility and customizable options in these areas to appeal to a wide variety of clients and keep a steady stream of bookings. What tool is the best insurance that everything flows smoothly on event day for both planners and venues? A diagramming software for event planners.

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Why Diagramming Matters for Event Planners

Choosing the right venue is about more than four walls. An awesome venue will service all your other requirements: location, capacity, catering, tables and linens, AV, etc.  Exploring what a host can offer will ensure your event goes smoothly and you have peace of mind on the day of.

The first step in ensuring the venue is right for you is understanding the space. What are the layout options? What can you bring into the space? What is the flow of the room? As a planner, you will have dozens of questions about a room or venue but diagramming it for them will help you start off on the right foot.

Start by getting a complete picture of the layout of your venue, including ballrooms, atriums, stacked floor plans, and other room amenities. Ensure that the space has the capacity for your guests and also allows for the extra production assets such as lighting, stages, serving tables, and cables. Diagramming also ensures you stick to your budget.

Once you’ve identified a potential event space, the diagram will continue to be your best friend as you go through the planning stages and the actual event. First, your client will require visuals so they can conceptualize your design plan and make any adjustments as needed. Secondly, and most importantly, the diagram will also be your guide leading up to, and on the day off to make sure everything in your meeting rooms is executed according to plan.


Why Diagramming Matters for Venues

In your customer-facing industry, exceeding expectations is crucial for repeat business and positive reviews. Diagramming your space allows you to show that you understand the planners needs and you’re up to the task of executing their vision, at a level of precision they can trust.

Diagramming your event space(s) is a great initial marketing tool. When event planners can visualize their layout in your space, you’re already taken the first step towards booking them. A well-done diagram shows your versatility in terms of layout options, and what you can offer in terms of additional production assets. Any opportunity to upsell your full-service hosting abilities (catering, AV, setup/breakdown, etc.) is not to be missed.

The diagram is also crucial for pulling off a flawless event. The planner will likely be pulled in a hundred directions, so having the plan drawn up will allow you to take the reins. Your staff will appreciate having a diagram to reference, and your customer will appreciate having an event executed without errors.


Why a Diagramming Software for Event Planners becomes Indispensable

Paper and PDF diagrams are a thing of the past. As planners are busier and working on-the-go, diagramming software for event planners is the way of the future.

Online diagrams have countless benefits for both planners and venues. As a venue space, you will impress clients, increase repeat business, and flawlessly execute their vision using diagramming software. For clients, diagramming software will allow you to customize your event space, ensure accuracy in design, and collaborate with your venue all in one space.

Do your research. Weigh your options. There are many diagramming software for event planners options out there, but the best ones will include:

  • Website Capabilities – Allow planners to explore create and share diagrams with the property.  Provide an online experience that showcases your property while providing all the necessary information to make meeting decisions. Examples include:
    • Stacked floor plans
    • Capacity charts
    • Area maps
  • Imagery – Including pictures and videos of the meeting space will allow planners to see what they can expect.
  • Sharing and collaboration capabilities – When a venue is ready for feedback, approval, or a review, diagrams can be saved to a booking, exported as PDFs for easy sharing, or printed out to share with the planner and internal teams.


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