Delivering on Group Personalization

Anna Ransom

Delivering Group Personalization

Today’s guests are expecting personalized experiences tailored directly to their needs and wants. In this on-demand world we live in (thanks to Amazon, Uber, Spotify, and Netflix), we’re used to not only having what we want, when we want it, but having automation that can anticipate what we will want next.

Yet, according to Digital Travel, 72% of travel organizations say their personalization is only average, in need of improvement, or poor, with minimal or zero automation. We know guest demand for personalization will continue to grow and groups traveling together will soon begin to expect the same great service they have begun to receive as an individual.

Until now, personalization for groups has often been overlooked because it’s more complex to deliver. But it’s time to change that focus. Enhancing your guest experiences for a group exponentially increases the opportunity for positive reviews, referrals, annual events, and repeat guests – growing your bottom line. Because of that, hotels that capitalize on the desire for personalized group experiences will gain an advantage in the competitive hospitality industry.

Learn how personalization for groups can enhance and increase your group sales and make your hotel stand out from the competition. We’ve compiled our tips for improving your group’s guest experiences in this eBook, Delivering on Group PersonalizationThe New Rule Book for Executing and Enhancing Your Group’s Guest Experiences.

Delivering on Group Personalization identifies guest expectations and innovative ways personalization can be used to exceed group guest expectations. Understand the new the group planning journey and the key moments to capitalize on from wowing planners in the prospecting phase all the way through to impressing attendees post-event.

Topics include:
• How group personalization is imperative to meeting guest expectations
• How to use group personalization to make your hotel stand out
• Personalizing from arrival and throughout group’s stay to keep them coming back for more.


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