Graduation Season is Quickly Approaching – Get Ready

Jacki Brown

Graduation Season Get Ready

Entice customers to book early and book with you

No matter the size, your property or venue could be the perfect location for those celebrating upcoming high school and college graduations. Now’s the time to look at what you have on the books for the next couple of months and determine how you can fill both guest room and event space during the weekends that graduation ceremonies will be held in your area.

If your hotel is near a college, it’s very likely you’ve received a good deal of transient room nights from parents and other family members attending graduations in the past. Use that historical data to make educated decisions for rates and groups as well as evaluate how your comp set is filling up. Since graduation celebrations tend to be on the smaller side, it’s simpler business for your team to plan and close. This could be good business to fill in some gaps if you’re coming up on a busy wedding season, or an opportunity to shed availability if you’re light on corporate events as you head into the summer months.

By evaluating your current pick up against the upcoming graduation dates, you can make some strategic decisions on how much graduation business you want to pursue, and how to market your offers so that families book with your hotel.

Create Graduation Packages

Think about how you can attract parents and families to your property by offering competitive rates and additional offers like multiple room bookings, a shuttle to the graduation ceremony, or menus that coordinate with the times of the graduation ceremonies. Save your team time vetting unqualified business by promoting these packages online.

Promote Offers Now to Attract Business

It’s possible that many parents and families haven’t even thought about how they intend to celebrate their future graduate yet. Post promotions with eye-catching images to your social media accounts, paid media and website to create urgency for parents to start booking graduation travel and celebration events while rooms and packages are still available. You can even entice early booking with an incentive like an extra appetizer display or a percentage off by a specific booking date.

Make It Easy for Parents to Find the Information They Need

Place more information about your event offering available on your website to empower infrequent planners who may feel uncomfortable calling or submitting an inquiry for an event or room block. By enabling parents and families to view real-time availability and then book the event space and package selections right on your website, you give them the e-commerce user experience they expect.

Expedite the Booking Process

Esignature and epayment are great ways to speed up event contracts and reduce the back-and-forth that often happens due to issues such as travel or lack of printer that can slow down the entire process and prevent a tentative event from moving to a “won” status. With mobile-friendly esignature and epayment functionality that integrates with your sales and catering solution, you can close business up to 90% faster and more efficiently.

Smaller Graduation Events Can be Big Business

Graduations may not be top of mind for your property right now, but they are an opportunity for you by taking a look at your confirmed business and existing pick up, tapping into these upcoming key weekends in your area could create significant growth for your business. Learn more about how Amadeus Sales & Event Management and DirectBook, TravelClick Business Intelligence, and TravelClick Media and Responsive Websites can help increase your exposure and grow your business or request to schedule a demo.



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