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With the hotel industry facing unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19, now is an ideal time to plan upskilling for yourself and your staff. Discover new features available in your current software, extend learning to your newcomers, or have hotel veterans explore how to use your tools to address the new needs of travelers. This will ensure your team is knowledgeable, ready, and well-positioned once business recovers.

Amadeus offers a variety of innovative courses in multiple languages to accommodate the different learning styles and schedules of our customers. You can choose from self-paced training, where you control the pace and direction of your learning experience, or instructor-led courses, which are hosted live by our certified training specialists.

Browse our Learning Services pages for more details on the opportunities available to you as our valued customer.

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Self-Paced Courses

These sessions are available 24/7 and may be taken at your own pace. They are interactive and include product information, apply-your-knowledge exercises, and process simulations. Self-assessments are included to help you determine your comprehension, and if needed, you may return to specific topics to review.

Learn more about self-paced courses here.

Instructor-Led Courses

Throughout the year, Amadeus training experts offer complimentary live webinars for customers with active product subscriptions. Each course begins with clear objectives that are measured during the sessions using polling questions to confirm participants are tracking content with the instructor. Participants can ask questions during Q&A time or via online chat. Every course ends with a survey, so you can provide feedback on whether we are meeting your needs.

Similarly, we also record select instructor-led sessions and post them to the Learning Services page for customers to access anytime.

Learn more about instructor-led courses here.

Course Levels

For some of our more robust solutions such as iHotelier® or Demand360®, we offer 3 different course levels for you or your team to manage their learning more efficiently:

  • Basic courses cover the fundamentals and provide a firm foundation for using the application.
  • Intermediate courses explore additional topics and functionality of the application.
  • Advanced courses may apply to certain property personnel only or may require additional subscriptions of the application.


Get the most out of your investment in Amadeus solutions by maximizing our training offerings. We are here to help you master product functionality to meet your business needs and goals, especially in times of economic uncertainty. Explore the Learning Services pages, and please reach out to us with questions.


Explore Learning Opportunities