6 Ways to Prepare for Wedding Season

Alison Guillot

Prepare For Wedding Season

With the holidays over, it’s never too early to start planning ahead for the next busy event season – weddings. Approximately 40% of engagements happen between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, leaving many newly engaged couples eager to plan their nuptials. As they hunt for the perfect venue, staying top of mind during the planning process is key to winning their business. To ensure you’re making the most of your available space, here are some improvements you can begin to make today.

Impress Customers Into Saying “I Do” To You

1. Use the Mobile Version of your S&C solution

Have you ever been showing a space and the happy couple is immediately sold and wants to know your availability on the spot? Make sure you’re using the latest sales and catering solution with mobile and web browser access. You’ll be able to seamlessly convert that inquiry to a booking on the spot, as opposed to hours later when you’re sifting through endless sticky notes.

2. Convert with Digital Proposals

Couples in search of the perfect venue want to be impressed immediately and a standard response or proposal just won’t cut it. With digital proposals, you can “wow” the prospect by creating a customized, in-depth, visually appealing proposal more quickly than the competition. A tool like eProposal allows you to be more creative than the standard proposal you may be creating in a Word Doc and saves you time by pulling information directly from inquiries. By responding first and delivering a customized, detailed proposal, you have a much better chance of winning the business.

3. Close Deals Faster

Waiting for paper contracts to be sent, received, signed, and returned can be extremely time-consuming and a security concern if they contain sensitive information. However, you can easily request e-signatures and payments from guests in a matter of minutes, allowing you to close more deals and collect payments faster. By integrating esignature and epayment into your sales and catering software, you can go completely paperless and eliminate security risks.


Turn Their Wedding Vision Into Reality

4. Save Time with One-Click BEO Updates

You can easily manage wedding menus or accommodate the bride’s last minute requests with fast, continuous edits to the BEO. Throughout the wedding planning process, changes are inevitable. The latest solutions also help you streamline processes, stay more organized, and work more efficiently, making you better prepared to meet the needs of all weddings, even those on a tight planning schedule.

5. Get Immediate Room Block Visibility

According to Wedding Wire, 63% of couples book at least one hotel room block for their guests. Managing multiple room blocks during wedding season can become strenuous and repetitive. However, you can be prepared to handle dozens of bookings with your sales and catering software and an integration to your PMS. You can easily view room rates, availability, and pick up to ensure wedding guests receive their room, and a pleasant experience.

6. Demonstrate Your Diagramming Skills

We all know how critical alignment with the couple is when it comes to room set up. Tables cramping the bar area or not having enough seating for guests at cocktail hour can quickly throw a newlywed into a tizzy mid-reception. You can impress your couples with the quick delivery of a thorough room diagram, especially when the details from the booking are populated by the integration with your sales and catering solution. Providing a comprehensive initial layout will allow you to make any desired changes early on, saving you valuable time later and avoiding costly resets.


These improvements will not only save you time but help you win more weddings and gain repeat social group business. The latest sales and catering solutions offer valuable integrations that can provide you with the competitive advantage you need to win contracts and impress happy couples. Preparing for wedding season now can help ensure you fill your available space with the right business for your property. Interested in learning more? Contact us, we’d be happy to set up a demo.