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Travel management players need to grab MICE opportunity

Eric Oppegaard

Travel Management Players Need Grab Mice Opportunity

Originally posted on the Amadeus corporate blog.

The meeting, incentives, conferencing, and exhibitions sector (MICE) can be tricky for travel management companies (TMCs). It’s complex and involves a lot of actors. But, the MICE segment is becoming more relevant in the managed travel space.

Why? Because connecting people is what travel does best. In spite of the focus on cost and the world which is more and more digitalised, face to face meetings are key to bring human interaction back into the business relationship. In order to remain relevant, travel management companies need to grab this opportunity.

We filmed a video series to shed some light on the MICE ecosystem. Through these videos, we look at how each actor plays a key role. What’s clear is that even in this space, travelers expect a personalized experience.


We see more demand for this in several aspects. This includes customized information, knowing and catering for dietary requirements, and new ways of engagement. TMCs can provide all of this and more for MICE travelers with the right technology. To see how – have a look at these videos for more.





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