Enterprise Hotel Intelligence

Improve performance across your portfolio

Enterprise Hotel

Leverage the power of the most comprehensive and customizable business intelligence data on the market with Enterprise Solutions, specifically tailored to brands and management companies. View and analyze market intelligence across your entire portfolio to improve your hotel business plan and increase revenue throughout your enterprise. Gain insights from our superior market research and data analysis tools. Determine your best opportunities to increase revenue and improve your ability to compete in local, regional and global markets.


Main Features

Corporate-level Demand360®, Agency360+ and RevenueStrategy360™ access

Gain insight into your complete portfolio from a single platform

Custom grouping and portfolio hierarchy

Compare and analyze data by regions, brands and location types

Customized market intelligence reporting services

To fit your individual needs

Timely and actionable data

Easy to access

Innovative and supportive features

Intuitive user interface, Excel-based reporting, and data integration for your proprietary system

How this benefits your enterprise

  • Heightened capacity to compete intelligently through market-conscious strategies
  • Improved target marketing, promotions, distribution and pricing actions through detailed hotel market research and data
  • Ongoing access to industry expertise that helps you apply data in a powerful way to drive performance across all your properties
  • Amadeus rate data integrated into proprietary systems and all major RMSs to support your pricing decisions and monitor best practices such as best rate guarantee, availability and rate parity
  • Evaluate performance at enterprise, portfolio group and individual property levels
  • Detailed travel agency performance metrics assist with RFP decisions and improve client negotiations

Enterprise Hotel Management Software

We collect more than 10 billion rates every month from hotel brands, online travel agents and global distribution systems.

5 Million bookings from 80,000 sources

We pull in more than five million global distribution system bookings each month from over 80,000 agencies worldwide.

25,000 hotels globally

More than 25,000 customers globally – including major chains, small groups and influential independents – are participating Demand data providers.

Agency360 GDS

Through our exclusive partnerships, we gather 100% of reservations made through the four global distribution systems.

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