Banquet Check Free Downloadable Template for Hotels & Venues

Anna Ransom

Banquet Check Free Downloadable Template for Hotels & Venues

After spending countless hours preparing for and executing an event, the last thing you want is for the banquet check process to fall through the cracks. Below is an explanation of what to include in your banquet checks, as well as a banquet check free downloadable template to help you get started.

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What is a Banquet Check?

A banquet check is a document provided by a venue or caterer that details all of the charges for an event or function.

The charges in a banquet check are itemized and grouped by department. You can create a banquet check for each individual event or as part of a packet for a booking with multiple events.

Banquet Check Free Downloadable Template for Hotels & Venues

You can find a banquet check free downloadable template by clicking on the button below:

Download Our Banquet Check Template

What Should a Banquet Check Include?

Every banquet check should include a list of everything you will be charging the guest for. If the guest has signed off on a banquet event order (BEO), there shouldn’t be any surprises when they see their banquet check.

First, the banquet check should include high-level details such as:

  • Contact information for both parties
  • Event date(s)
  • Event start and end times
  • Exact rooms being used
  • The number of guests expected

Each section should include the price, quantity, and subtotal of all items. For example, under the food section you should list the meal type and price (like a Continental Breakfast for $8.95), the number of times it’s ordered, and the subtotal for the section.

In addition, you should also have sections for:

  • Food and beverage charges
  • Rental/room charges
  • Audiovisual charges
    • Including meeting equipment like video conferencing, screens, or speakers
  • Taxes and fees
    • Service/administrative charges
    • Sales tax
    • Gratuity
  • Invoice totals
    • Grand total or services
    • Deposits that have been made
    • Balance due from guest

Don’t forget to include a signature line so that the guest can sign off on the banquet check. And, depending on your organization, you may also need to include a terms and conditions section that lists any guarantees you offer.

How to Make the Banquet Check Process Even Easier

Manually creating and keeping track of your banquet checks can lead to disorganization and take valuable time away from your other responsibilities.

Fortunately, sales and catering technology exists to help you automate the banquet check process so that you can save time and resources.

Specifically, sales and catering software can help you:

  • Save time with less manual input
  • Easily update final counts
  • Merge BEO and banquet checks
  • Create standard and customized templates

If you’d like to see the capabilities of this software first-hand, reach out to our team! We’d love to offer a free demo and tell you more about how it can enhance your operations and improve your group business.


Download Our Banquet Check Template