Common Hotel Abbreviations List & Dictionary

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Hotel Abbreviations

New to the hospitality industry? Hearing new, unfamiliar hotel abbreviations and hospitality terms?

One of the most remarkable things in working within the hospitality industry is the number of abbreviations and unique terms in use.

So often, individuals who are new to the industry have to stop and ask for an explanation or make a note to go look up those acronyms later.

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Hotel Abbreviations List & Dictionary

Common Hotel Abbreviations List & Dictionary

Below is a high level list of frequently used hotel abbreviations and acronyms.

Let us know if there are any you’ve encountered that should be added to the list!



Hotel Abbreviations Meaning

ADR Average Daily Rate
AGOP Adjusted Gross Operating Profit
AGR Agreed. The number of guestrooms or covers contracted to a group
ALOS Average Length of Stay
ARI Availability, Rates and Inventory
AV Audio Visual
BAR Best Available Rate
BC Banquet Check. A check that is presented to a meeting planner at the conclusion of the event.  It will include all event related charges.
BEO Banquet Event Order. Includes details such as menus, audio visual equipment, room set up, time, function, room, etc
BKG Booking
BOH Back of House. The areas of a hotel that have little or no direct guest contact, such as kitchen areas, engineering and maintenance, and the accounting department.
CMP Complete Meeting Package – a per person charge, inclusive of guest room, food and beverage, and proportional percentage of all other event charges.
COS Cost of Sale
COTB Comparative on the Books
CRM Customer Relationship Management
CRS Central Reservation System
CSM Conference Service Manager or Convention Service Manager
CVB Convention and Vistiors Bureaumeetings and conventions.
DDR Delegate Day Package
DMC  Destination Management Company
DOC Director of Catering
DOSM Director of Sales and Marketing
EXP Expected. The number of guests anticipated
F&B Food & Beverage
FAM Familiarization Tour. A complimentary or reduced-rate travel program for travel agents, tour operators, media, etc., designed to acquaint them with a specific destination to stimulate sale of travel.
FIT Free and Independent Traveller (guests that are not part of a group or package)
FIT Full Form Form dedicated to Free and Independent Traveller (guests that are not part of a group or package)
FOH Front of House. All guest-facing staff and areas of a hotel.
FOM Front Office Manager
FR Function Room
GBP Group Booking Pace
GDS Global Distribution System
GM Gross Margin
GOP Gross Operating Profit (Revenue less expenses)
GOPPAR Gross Operating Profit per Available Room, measures performance across all revenue streams
GOR Gross Operating Revenue
GRC (a) Guest Registration Card
GRC (b) Group Rooms Control Log
GSO Global Sales Office
GTD Guaranteed. Prior to a function, the figure given by a meeting planner to the property for the number of persons to be served.
HOD Hotel Description. Your hotel’s landing page on the Global Distribution System (GDS).
IPO Individual Pays Own
MAR Minimum Acceptable Rate
MICE Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions
MLOS Minimum Length of Stay
MOD Manager on Duty
MOM Month on Month
MTD Month to Date
MUR Make Up Requested
NRB Negotiated Rate Business.  Sometimes referred to as Corporate Negotiated Rates or Local Negotiated Rates. It is contracted business for a certain period of time (seasonally, annually) for certain rates across multiple properties within a hotel company or brand.
NSO National Sales Office.  Same as a Sales Center.
OOO Out of Order
PMS Property Management System
POS Point of Sale system
PPPN Per Person, Per Night
PRPN Per Room, Per Night
REV Revenue
REVMAX Revenue Maximum
REVPAR  Revenue per Available Room.  A combination of paid occupancy percentage and average daily rate.
RFP Request for Proposal
RMS Revenue Management System
RN  Room Night
ROH Run of House
ROI Return on Investment
S&C Sales & Catering. The teams responsible for selling and servicing group business contracted at a hotel.
SMERF Market Segment, defined as: Social, Military, Educational, Religious, Fraternal
SOP Standard Operating Procedure
SRP Standard Rate Plan
STLY Same Time Last Year
TD Turn Down

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