Hotel Guests, They Are a Changin’


Guest expectations are changing. While a clean and attractive room, friendly staff, and prompt service are expected, they are only the foundation of today’s guest experience. Several new trends are emerging in hospitality that will not only drive considerable change in coming years, but will also provide hoteliers with ways to create more memorable experiences and loyalty among customers.

To gain a deeper understanding of what today’s hotel guests are truly looking for in their stay, we teamed up with InterContinental Hotels Group, Cornell University, and Foresight Factory to poll more than 7,000 travelers and industry experts. The findings are presented in our new whitepaper, “Drivers of Change in Hospitality”. Combining industry data, real-world scenarios and expert commentary, the study delivers a first-of-its-kind examination of the ways a hotel of the future will sell, manage, and interact with guests.

“The hospitality industry is on the cusp of a new chapter. The only question remaining is not where the industry is headed, but who will emerge as the leaders in this new landscape.”
– Cornell University

Hotel Guests Of The Future

Study participants pointed to 3 key ways for hotels to improve the guest experience and overall satisfaction scores.

1. Embrace Augmented Hospitality
2. Make Loyalty More Than Just Points
3. Create Unique Experiences

The Future is Happening Now

The hotel industry is already beginning to see these new drivers of change improve the guest experience and create lasting relationships with customers. Travelers are younger, more empowered in choice, and looking for more than just a place to rest their head. The properties and brands that prove they can cater to each individual will lead the pack in driving greater loyalty, increased market share, and higher RevPAR.

Download the full whitepaper Drivers of Change in Hospitality today to gain an in-depth look at the trends moving the industry forward.


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