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IDPMS Integration With Mystay

As hotels increasingly look for new ways to connect with guests and learn their preferences, Amadeus IDPMS customers are finding value in our latest integration with MyStay.

mystay LogoMyStay is an experience and offering tool that engages guests throughout the travel lifecycle from booking to check out. The software pulls data from IDPMS to allow hotels to interact with guests in a variety of ways, including chat, push notifications, online check-in, directions, destination details, and guest feedback. At each touch point, the property has opportunities to promote amenities and upsell the guest while providing them proactive and attentive service.

As soon as a customer confirms their booking, MyStay can be configured to send a welcome confirmation text or email and an additional pre-stay notification a few days before check-in, setting the tone for a warm and welcoming visit. Including thoughtful details such as links to amenities and services as well as location information can help take the stress and planning out of the traveler’s visit, and inspire them to book additional services in advance while generating more revenue for the hotel. Best of all, nothing will get lost in translation since the solution supports multiple languages.

Once invited to connect with the hotel directly via a website or downloadable app, the guest has all the information they need to enjoy their stay. But instead of waiting until the customer leaves to ask for feedback, why not check in on them mid-stay? Are they enjoying their trip? Would they be interested in room service or looking to unwind at your spa or bar? With IDPMS and MyStay, you can suggest activities or ask guests for feedback during their trip to not only make their experience memorable but also give the hotel a chance to recover if something is not meeting their expectations.

When travelers have thousands of choices for their destination, finding ways to connect, engage, and deliver a personalized stay at your hotel is key to increasing revenue and driving repeat business. Let Amadeus IDPMS and MyStay help you enhance the guest experience in ways that will keep them coming back for more.


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