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This data web series is dedicated to big data, digital advertising, and their use in shaping recovery campaigns for destinations.

In the current situation, more than ever we want to share our knowledge and insights to help destinations navigate towards recovery. ​

We believe that it’s crucial for them to understand how data can drive their decision-making process and most importantly, how it can be turned into strategies to bring visitors back.


Episode 1

How big data are used in different industries and just around us
How AI and big data are applied in the travel industry
What are key challenges for DMOs
How does the traveler journey through data look like


Episode 2

How to identify customer interests as well preferences by understanding their online search activity
How to attract visitors for your off-peak seasons and manage your flow
How to discover the power of data-driven advertising as well as the relevance of data for effective digital advertising


Episode 3

How to get to know your visitors and understand their behavior with the help of booking data
How to evaluate your booking channels and use this knowledge in the time of new normal
How to find your sweet spot by understanding the booking moment


Episode 4

How to identify your ideal visitor in times of the next normal
How to adapt your marketing activities and messaging according to the changed travel behavior
How to strengthen your relationship with industry players


Episode 5

What are the different data assets and what kind of insights and signals they can give you to drive your marketing activities
How to combine different data assets to develop your marketing campaign
How to optimize your strategy with help of post-campaign evaluation


Episode 6

How to systematically approach to the main factors affecting recovery
How to identify best time and markets for demand stimulation and demand conversion
How to inspire and engage travelers during customer journey

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