Planning for Hospitality Recovery – Sales

Businesswoman looking out window in meeting room

COVID-19 has brought a fundamental shift to sales operations, prospecting, and group business. As the recovery unfolds, sales leaders face a new challenge of ensuring that their team is motivated, trained, and prepared for a new set of challenges.

Amadeus and HSMAI have created the “Planning for Hospitality Recovery – Sales” eBook to provide guidance for you and your team by leveraging our 30+ years of hospitality industry experience and the expertise of HMSAI board members worldwide.

In this eBook you will find:

  • Analysis of the hospitality industry recovery and how it impacts your business mix and future revenue steams.
  • Action steps to maintain sales team motivation and continuity.
  • Tactical advice to reposition your sales strategy and to prospect new group business.
  • The key skills your team needs to navigate a world of digital selling.
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