Hotel Management 2020 – eBook

Eric Oppegaard

Hotel Industry Influencer

The Guide to Future-Proofing Operations to Drive Revenue and Address the New Realities of Guest Relations

Today’s hotel managers are facing new challenges, but they are all driving towards familiar goals. Hotel Management 2020 identifies key challenges in the industry and actionable solutions that your team can begin to implement today. Learn innovative ways to manage guest expectations in hotel reservations, ensure sustainable growth in sales and catering, and deliver flawlessly in operations.


Hotel Management 2020 eBook

These areas include:

  • Hotel Reservations
  • Sales, Catering & Event Management
  • Operations & Maintenance


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Drivers of Change in Hospitality

Drivers of Change in Hospitality

In our largest hospitality study to date, we asked more than 7,000 travelers and industry experts to define the future of the industry. The results highlight several emerging trends for hoteliers to remain relevant, timely, and preferred in a world of evolving guest expectations and intense competition.