Amadeus Hospitality 10 Best of 2018

Alison Guillot

10 Best Hospitality Blogs Of 2018

As the hospitality industry evolves year after year, we actively study the trends and challenges facing hospitality professionals around the world to provide forward-thinking and innovative technology solutions that will improve business operations and revenue for our customers.

Much of that research becomes our blogs and eBooks, and with each page view and download, we gain a deeper understanding of your priorities and goals. So what’s been on your minds this year? Here’s a countdown of our most popular blogs of 2018, and don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for regular content updates in the future!


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10. The Top Technology Priorities of Limited Service Hotels in 2018

Limited Service properties are increasingly focused on the outcome of the guest experience, ranking customer relationship management (CRM) as the #1 technology priority in 2018. Read more.

9. Banquet Check: Free Template for Hotels & Venues

A banquet check is a document provided by a venue or caterer that details all of the charges for an event or function. Learn what to include in a banquet check and download our free template to get started. Read more.

8. How Can Limited Service Hotels Win More Group Business?

In our recent LinkedIn survey, hospitality professionals ranked increasing group business as the #1 sales and catering priority of Limited Service hotels in 2018. In order to do this, owners should invest in meeting and events technology to efficiently manage these complex customer relationships. Read more.

7. What is AHCC?

You may have seen the AHCC acronym on our website, social media channels, or mentioned by an Amadeus team member. In short, it stands for the annual Amadeus Hospitality Customer Conference, a celebration and appreciation event for our valued customers. Read more.

6. 3 Considerations to Make While Preparing Your Hotel for GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) impacts hotel industry practices worldwide, revolutionizing data privacy across Europe, expanding rights for consumers, and mapping out strict new guidelines for businesses with steep penalties for non-compliance. Read more.

5. The Evolution of HotSOS Service Optimization

Delivering on the guest experience and getting things done are key components to the hotel operations mission. Explore the new features for Amadeus Service Optimization that will empower your housekeeping and maintenance teams to complete tasks quicker and easier than ever before. Read more.

4. Budgeting for the Future of Hospitality

While budgeting for the upcoming year can be an incredible effort across multiple teams and can take quite a bit of time, it’s also an opportunity to reassess goals for the business and look to the future. So how are you planning to tackle your challenges in 2019? Read more.

3. What is a Banquet Event Order (BEO)? Here’s an Overview & Free Template

BEOs are essential documents that outline important details such as dates, timelines, catering needs, and other pieces of vital information. In order to deliver flawless events every time, catering and convention services managers rely on BEOs. But despite how helpful a BEO can be, it can be time-consuming to create and update. Fortunately, there are tools available — from free BEO templates to cutting-edge technology — that can help you streamline operations. Read more.

2. Why the Guest Experience Matters

What is the #1 way to differentiate your property against competitors? Elevating the guest experience and inspiring repeat bookings. In fact, recent research predicts that by the year 2020, the customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. As you enter IT budget conversations for the coming year, take a minute to explore how operations software serves as the backbone of the hotel guest experience. Read more.

1. How to Write a Compelling Hotel Guest Welcome Letter [With 3 Free Downloadable Templates]

Providing a memorable guest experience is one of the most important goals for hoteliers today. One way to impress guests and get them excited for their stay is by writing them a compelling and personal hotel welcome letter. Read more.


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